Ecology For Kids

By Heria Savery (11 years old)

The Oxford School thesaurus gives the definition of the word ecology as;*” the study of living thing in relation to earth other and to where they lived.”

Our planet earth is where we live and every thing that happens on the planet affect us. I personally believe that  to have this planet around for future generations to come we have to protect it.

Belize may be a small part of our planet, but we are very lucky that a lot of our land and sea areas is protected from development.

The forest reserves are areas managed specifically for the production of timber, so as to not over use. National park and wildlife sanctuaries are protected by private individuals and non –governmental organizations. Our drinking water is also protected in these areas which keep our water clean. Our Protected areas  are 31.93% which includes: Nature Reserves 1.76%, Private Reserves 5.40%, Archaeological Reserves 0.50%, Nature Monument 0.30% wildlife Sanctuaries 5.96%, National Parks 7.19% and Forest Reserves 10.82%.

I love Belize.

It may seem that we are children and we are young, that we can’t do anything on our own: but that is wrong. I proved that we can do a small part, that will eventually grow to something very big.  My school is very passionate on recycling and every where I go I take a plastic bag with me. I pick up all the cans, I see on the street. Since I’ve been doing this even my mom picks them up when I’m at school and throw them in the bottom of my brother’s stroller.

Even when we are at home we turn off all the water that is dripping, don’t brush our teeth with the water running or washing our hair with the shower running. Also remembering that only 90% of the Earth is covered with water; only 30% is the fresh water that we need to survive. There is public water pump around the corner from where I live; a lot of people get water from the pump but they leave it running. When I pass I always turn it off.

Also at home, we recycle as much as we possible; washing detergent bottles and cardboard that our toys and our house appliances come in. I take everything I gather to school. Other things I do are plant trees every Saturday morning. My mom, my sister and brother and I go to the market and we always buy plants. We don’t have much yard to plant the trees but I plant them in pots and place them on the porch. This is just another small thing but more trees mean more oxygen and also helping to save the ozone layer. Besides from cans my school recycles paper, cardboard, cans and plastic bottles. These are all things I gather in a great number.

My mom sells pastries in the evenings and I ask all of our costumers to save their cans and bottles. I have collected quiet a lot and this again helps to save our environment. The toxic waste that that burns in our dump site affects us as people and our ozone layer. Also, the paper recycle company helps us save our trees. All things I’m doing I know it will inspire a lot of others, which I believe will make a great ECO KID.

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1 thought on “Ecology For Kids

  1. Well written coming from a 11 year old… talented and well said, I do hope the younger generation all follow in her footsteps as this earth is for them, their future and their children! Thanks Heria Savery❤

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