I Want to be an Eco Kid Because I want to Make a Difference

Gian Chuc (11 years old)

I want to be an Eco-Kid because I want to learn more about land conservation, solid waste management, conservation and sustainable development – very important topics that are needed to save and preserve the natural resources of Belize.

I believe that the environmental themes for this year are important because it can not only save the natural resources of Belize but also our planet from the many dangers that it has been suffering for the past 200 years.

The global warming implications are not only affecting the plants and animals but also us, human beings. The last five years in Belize has been very hot and this is not good. I have notice that deforestation is increasing, pollution is increasing as well as our country’s population and if we continue in this unsustainable path, we will head to ecological disaster.

Imagine a Belize that has no forest, that is overpopulated, that is polluted, that has no tropical animals and that no longer boasts the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere, — I do not think that tourists will visit a country that is not attractive, that is not appealing and that has nothing to offer so I believe that attending this summer camp will help me in my life to make a difference in our Belizean society and the world.

After the camp is over I will come back with a wealth of knowledge to inspire other youths like myself to protect and preserve this pristine planet of ours.

Like my mom says, it takes one candle to light a thousand candles so I believe I am a candle, and I can light other candles in Belize and the world to make the positive difference that is needed.

Thank you for taking the time to read my essay!

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