Eco Kids CAN Make A Difference

By Drewyan Harrison (12 years old)

I want to be an Eco Kid because I like being outdoors and this camp sounds interesting and I know it will help me learn more ways to help the environment.  I don’t know what I would do without a healthy environment.  Without the green grass, colorful flowers, blue sky and animals, I would totally freak out.  I imagine the world being so developed in a few years but then I also think about the world with deforestation, global warming, wars and no water because of what is happening now.

I love animals and I get annoyed when I hear about all the killing of animals for fun (it isn’t) and for their furs. I know that their skin`s are beautiful but I don’t see why we have to take their skins. Sometimes I think about when an animal kills a person, people complain about it, but when we kill them, and just for fun, they do not see that – animals kill for them to survive.

I think that people should be planting their own gardens to save them money but most importantly it helps the environment. It is better than buying processed foods made in factories which use chemicals to wash the foods and the chemicals ends up in the ocean and kills a lot of marine animals. Another thing is the oil drilling. Many times there are oil spills which end up killing the marine life.  You don’t want the fishes to be gone, right? I know I don’t.

I know that we can make a big difference one step at a time. I hope you accept me for this eco kid camp. I hope to teach my friends what I’ve learned at the camp and hope they get involved with making the Earth a better place.

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