See Nature Through my Eyes

By Anthony Navarrete (12 yrs)

Being an eco kid to me means protecting the environment, conserving wildlife or just simply caring for the world. By doing these, I can help to save the environment, and help the economy of Belize by helping tourism grow and develop. We must protect our environment and keep it looking clean and tidy. By doing this, Belize will look more attractive and more people will want to visit our country.

I want to be an eco-kid because I love nature; I simply love it! Also, I would not want anything bad to happen to the environment in Belize because we have such beautiful forests and wildlife that we need to take pride in.  We have the nature reserves, the rainforests, the caves, the cayes and so much more in this beautiful country. That’s why I want to be an eco kid!  I want to protect all of these things that this country has to offer. Through this, I can also get to know the environment better and prevent things that would damage our environment like off shore drilling and deforestation.

Another reason I would want to be an eco kid is because I like to recycle. At home after lunch, I reuse the plastic bottles of soft drinks and use them to make art. I think that would be a great thing for other kids to do in their spare time. This also helps the environment by keeping it clean, and reducing the amount of garbage. Also on weekends, I help my mother water her plants because when I was young she told me that one day when the plants are big they will be essential for life. Now, I finally understand that if we have no plants, there is no oxygen! If there is no oxygen, we can’t breathe. That’s why I say for every tree torn down there should be two trees that are replanted.

The true reason why I would want to be an eco kid is because I love the environment. I enjoy learning about animals and plants. By learning about nature, I will be able to encourage my friends to do the same and appreciate nature for what it is. By doing that, they will recycle, and see nature how I see it as a wonderful place where there are things still to be discovered. They will want to protect it too. This is why I want to be an eco kid.

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