Agalychnis callidryas, Red-eyed Tree Frog, Ron Holt, Courtesy Atlanta  Botanical Garden

The Difference One Can Make

By Reign Ackerley (10 years old )

Hi, my name is Reign, I am ten years old and I would like to be an Eco-kid. The reasons why I would like to be an Eco-kid are because in books and magazines  it says to help save the US environment, and well I want to help but I do not live in the US, so I know there is a way to help here in Belize. It might be the smallest action but every move counts. I do not need to be noticed if I pick something up, it is the action that counts. I have read the National Geographic magazine for kids and I have learnt that each small step makes a huge difference. That together we can make a difference.

Being an Eco-kid would be an absolute honor. Being an Eco-kid would make a part of something big and great, something that could help. So what I am saying is I am a responsible ten year old who wants to help. I would do anything to be an Eco-kid. To be a part of something that would make me feel better if I knew I had done something to help.

If you want to know a few things about me here they are: I am a straight A student. I love to read. I love the smell of grass, spring flowers, and rain. I love to listen to piano and birds chirping. I play the piano, and guitar. I am friendly. I was given an award with Be Kind Belize for being the kindest kid in my class. I love animals.

I think it would be excellent to have the honor to be an Eco-kid.

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