Working Together for A Greener Environment

Kieva Mangar (11yrs)

Every other day we hear about how our world is being destroyed. To contribute to the betterment of the earth I would love to become an eco friendly kid. To be an eco friendly kid means to be concern with celebrating God’s creativity and being smart about how to use what he has given us and passing on the same values to the next generation. What I  love the most about being an eco friendly kid is the fun way we can chose to do things in our house to help the environment. Going green is not easy, but it is not impossible either. We can take it step by step to help improve our environment.

In becoming eco friendly we will reduce waste in landfills, cleaning up the air and preserving the natural landscape both locally and globally to save natural places and also the wilderness. As an eco friendly person some tips I follow are: avoid inhaling second hand smoking, don’t use pesticides on plants outside, eat less meat, eat more local and organic food and volunteer to help do environment work. At school it is important to recycle because we use a lot of paper unnecessarily. We could put recycling bins just for papers, don’t leave the water in the bathroom running when we don’t need it, and also remember to turnoff fans and light when we leave school in the evening.

As a kid I would want to help save our environment but I can’t do it alone. It takes more than one person but it starts with me. I will be eco friendly to help save the planet and so I could live in a greener and safer world. Eco friendly is not doing anything to hurt yourself or the world you live in. A family that goes green together stays together.

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