First Super Tuesday of Summer in Belize

The Lodge at Chaa Creek has announced that the first Super Tuesday of summer will be held on 3 July 2012, giving the public another opportunity to enjoy a luxury Belize vacation at discount prices.

Larry Waight, Chaa Creek’s marketing administrator, said that Super Tuesdays offers discounts of 30% off all accommodation and 20% off selected Chaa Creek all-inclusive Belize vacation packages, with the stipulation that guests must book between midnight Monday and midnight Tuesday to receive the discounts. Super Tuesdays dates are random and not announced far in advance.

Mr Waight said that the Super Tuesdays have grown in popularity as more and more people seek to take advantage of the significant saving they offer.

“There have been numerous enquiries from around the world about when the next Super Tuesday would be held, but the very nature of these events are that you never know when they’ll spring up, and that’s part of the fun,” Mr Waight said.

Originally conceived as a marketing exercise to raise awareness of the affordability of Chaa Creek’s all-inclusive Belize vacation packages, the Super Tuesdays have taken on a life of their own, Mr Waight explained.

“Most people know Chaa Creek as a luxury rainforest eco-resort, and while it’s true that we host celebrities and VIPs such as Britain’s Prince Harry when they’re in Belize, we’re also a very affordable resort for everyone from families to honeymooners, groups of friends and individuals looking for a genuine rainforest experience in the Heartland of the Maya,” he said.

Mr Waight said that Chaa Creek’s location, size and network of affiliates allows the eco resort to offer Belize all-inclusive vacations package at a price no one else can match, and offers a wide range of activities including hiking, horseback and mountain bike riding and guided or self-paced nature walks within its 365 acre private rainforest reserve with miles of well-maintained trails connecting 70 ancient Maya archaeological sites and temples, as well as canoe excursions down the pristine Macal River and a host of other attractions, and all under the umbrella of environmental responsibility.

In addition to Chaa Creek’s unique cottage accommodations, the Lodge also offers luxury Jacuzzi and Tree Top Suites as well as a professional spa, fine dining in a large airy restaurant and Jungle Lounge, Natural History Centre, Hilltop Butterfly Farm, pool and other amenities.

“Super Tuesdays were a way to generate word of mouth about what a great deal our packages are and to reward the loyalty of our many friends who stay in touch through the Belize Travel Blog, our websites and through general media. The concept really took off, and people appreciate it so much that we decided to repeat it now and then. To be honest, we really enjoy it ourselves as a sort of office game to guess how many people will respond. That’s why the surprise element is so important,” he said.

This week’s Chaa creek Super Tuesday will run from midnight Monday July 2 to midnight Tuesday July 3, and guests must book within those times to secure the discounts, Mr Waight said.

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