Kid-friendly Butterfly Farm Adults Will Enjoy In Belize

If you ever visit Belize, to Cayo District in the west, the question isn’t what are we to do since it is so far from the ocean? It’s how can we fit so many activities in a day and still enjoy the tranquil, green and vastly untouched land the Mayans and people of all cultures and color called home?

After all, this is the region where award winning eco-lodge and Green Globe Certified, The Lodge at Chaa Creek in Belize sits at 365 acres of rolling hills, lush tropical trees and plants, thousands of native animals dwell and where the River Macal runs through.

A ten-minute walk on a walkway will bring you to the Blue Morpho Butterfly Farm. You can’t tell what is inside this caged space until you walk a little closer. Once you open the door, you see fluttering creatures going about their business for the day.

Some are sitting on ant plant leaves, also known as granadillo in Spanish. Another batch feasting on cut rotting tropical fruits like watermelon. They are actually drinking the juice and sap from the fruits with its proboscis, long protruding mouth. Some are hanging on the top of the caged area.


The blue morpho butterflies’ diet is different during each stage of their life cycle. Their life span is only 21 days. Look at these pale green eggs that look exactly like dew drops.


The female butterflies were seen laying their eggs on the ant plant leaves. The caterpillars chew on leaves.


According to research, the blue morpho butterflies are not true blue. They have overlapping scales covering their wings and the scales on the wing tops have tiny ridges that reflect blue light. The underside of their wings are brown. When they are at rest, you will see that they are brown with their wings folded up.

When rested and showing their brown wings, they are perfectly camouflaged from their predators like large insects and birds.


These creatures are found in Central and South America in lower lying areas. Most of these butterflies are endangered. They are prized items for collectors. The Lodge at Chaa Creek in Belize has set up the farm to raise more butterflies and set them free into the wild.


Click on the photo below for a must-see video of the Butterfly Farm (click on the word Butterfly Farm) in Chaa Creek:


In fact, each guest is presented with a mature cocoon in a little wooden house. The idea is to have each guest set a butterfly free once it has transformed into a beautiful butterfly.

Clearly this would be one experience you would take home and call it great, unique or enchanting…whatever the word is, we know there is still a place in this world that preserves nature and helps keep it green for the next generation to enjoy.

For more information about the Blue Morpho Butterfly Farm, check out this link.

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