Super Satisfaction on this Super Tuesday in Belize

Forty seven years ago the Rolling Stones charted their first ever number one hit song, and the Lodge at Chaa Creek is celebrating with a special Super Tuesday offer that gives some “amazing” discounts, marketing administrator Larry Waight announced today.

“When you think about the huge influence the Rolling Stones have had on modern culture throughout the world, it only seems right that, as a Belizean eco resort with a pretty large global following ourselves, we pay homage to their first number one hit.

“We also decided to have a bit of fun this time around, and to make the Super Tuesday even more interactive and interesting. For the first time ever, you not only need to book between midnight Monday and midnight Tuesday, you also need to include the name of that number one hit on July 10, 1965 in your booking information.

“It’s a bit of a challenge, but get it right and you receive some pretty huge savings on an amazing Belize holiday, and if you apply the discounts to our Belize all-inclusive vacation packages, you wind up with a truly amazing Belize vacation deal,” Mr Waight said.

Chaa Creek’s Super Tuesday Belize holiday specials have become increasingly popular with people looking for an affordable Belize vacation, Mr Waight said, primarily because, “they involve a bit of stealth and a lot of fun, both for our guests and for us.”

The Super Tuesday specials, part of Chaa Creek’s yearlong Maya 2012 celebrations, offer discounts of 30% off all accommodation, ranging from the signature thatch roof cottage rooms to luxury Tree Top Suites and Jacuzzi Suites. The Belize eco resort’s popular all inclusive Belize vacation packages, the Family Adventure, Inland Expedition and All-inclusive Belize Honeymoon packages each carry a discount of 20%, Mr Waight said.

“With the all-inclusive Belize vacation packages, that’s 20% off not only the accommodation, but all meals, activities, transfers, taxes, even staff gratuities. There’s nothing extra to pay, and when you add it all up, you’re enjoying a luxury Belize holiday at backpacker prices. In fact, the most travel-savvy backpacker would find it difficult to negotiate the kinds of deals we offer every day of the year.

“And then take 20% off of that, and I think anyone would be well satisfied,” Mr Waight said. “However, you must book between midnight Monday and midnight Tuesday, Central Standard Time, to receive the discounts, and in this instance, you must satisfy us that you know which Rolling Stone song was the band’s first number one hit.

“And, as a further tribute to the band, we’re offering Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman and their families an entire week at Chaa Creek free of charge, if they book between midnight to midnight and name the song that made them number one that summer of 1965.

“I doubt that even a Rolling Stone could get more satisfaction from an affordable Belizean vacation than here at Chaa Creek,” Mr Waight said.

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