The Maya Winter Solstice is a Perfect Opportunity to Visit Belize

By: Teresa M. Fegan

The Maya Winter Solstice is a Perfect Opportunity to Visit Belize

As Owner of Belize Connection, and being a Belizean Woman, who for my entire adult life have resided in the US, I am excited to be promoting Belize in every possible way. I am offering businesses in Belize, the opportunity to expand their connection to the international market, and in return, offer US & International Businesses, a connection to Businesses in Belize.

As I am planning my trips home to Belize, I will be on a journey to experience like a tourist, and a business woman, as well as a native of home, to soak up all information like a giant sponge, everything that Belize has to offer.  I want to experience Belize from every angle to educate myself through literature, as well as experiences to become an authority on my Country.

This contest has proposed an excellent opportunity to experience the Mayan Winter Solstice, and to be able to share in all, and every activity that Chaa Creek has to offer. The mere thought gives me goose bumps for such an awesome thrill within the Mayan world.

I will, in return, be sharing my experiences with other US based business connections that I have, and do my dream building sessions, to showcase Chaa Creek. This is by far one of the best, and most exciting contest I have seen, and I am truly excited, and anxious, to come and be the SPONGE of CHAA CREEK, to learn all I can, and experience all that you have to offer to enlighten me.

My husband who is American, he is a self -student of Mayan studies and History, and this would afford both of us an opportunity of a lifetime.   The chance to visit all the Mayan sites with the expert knowledge that comes with it is PRICELESS!  Thank YOU!!!

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