The Winter Solstice of 2012 Has More To Do Than The End of The Maya Calendar

By: Janneli F. Miller.

The Winter Solstice of 2012 Has More To Do Than The End of The Maya Calendar

I have been dreaming of Maya pyramids since I was a child.  I was/am fascinated with the cenotes and used to dream/see down into the waters, to the treasures below.  I never knew if it was real or just in my dreams.  Finally, with my husband and children, I got to go to the Yucatan in the early 80’s, when I took my children to as many ruins as we could find.

I was hooked and my mind was blown as I realized some of my childhood premonitions were true – things were “familiar” even though I’d never been there before.  Belize?  We went out to Caye Caulker back then, not inland.  In 2009 I went to Chaa Creek to attend a workshop with Rosita Arvigo.  It was incredible. We got to stay in the cabins, walk jungle trails, float on the Macal river, learn about butterflies, healing plants, massage, and an entire new Maya world opened up to me.

It is a living world of good vibrations, fascinating beauty and amazing people.  I now Practice Maya Abdominal Massage and I believe that being at Chaa Creek for the 2012 solstice would help me help others.  I believe we are all here now to transform fear and greed and violence, and spread healing love energies.  I cannot even say in words how powerful it will be to be with the river and jungle and ceremonies during this time.

To be there on the solstice and join in the prayers would indeed merge my dreamworld with this reality. I’d be able to share the experience with my mate, my children, my clients, my sister midwives, and everyone I meet. I sincerely believe the energy of the place and the moment would benefit so many others besides myself.  I want to come!!

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