US Presidential Debate and a Month of Super Tuesdays

What does the US presidential debate have in common with Belize?

Plenty, if you’re looking for an affordable tropical vacation in Belize, The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s Business manager, Peter Tonti said today while announcing new Super Tuesday discounts.

Mr Tonti said that Chaa Creek was taking the unprecedented step of offering their popular – yet elusive – Super Tuesday Belize vacation deals for an entire month, from Tuesday October 23 to Tuesday November 13.

“We’re calling it our ‘Election Special’, and it really is something extraordinary,” Mr Tonti said. “We’ve never offered such discounts over such a period of time before, but given the importance of the US Presidential elections and the approach of the 2012 Maya Winter Solstice, we felt we should do something extra-special,” he added.

Mr Tonti said that for the next four Tuesdays, savvy travellers will be able to save 30% off the price of all Chaa Creek accommodation, and 10% off selected all-inclusive Belize vacation packages. In keeping with the Super Tuesday tradition, to receive the discounts, guests must book between 12 midnight on Monday to midnight on the selected Tuesdays.

“Our Super Tuesdays started as a one-off discount, but with response so favorable, and people who missed out asking for another chance, we began repeating it every now and then.

“And this time we’re breaking with that tradition of not advertising Super Tuesdays in advance by giving a month’s worth of warning. It will be interesting to see how it goes,” he said.

Under the Super Tuesday deal, only bookings made between midnight to midnight on the Tuesdays of October 23 and 30, and November 6 and 13 will attract the discounts, which Mr Tonti described as “very generous” and putting Chaa Creek’s luxury in the same price range as budget packages.

“When you consider how much is on offer within our 365 acre private rainforest reserve, with miles of beautiful jungle trails, 70 Maya archaeological sites, a pristine river perfect for canoeing, our renowned natural History Centre, Maya Medicinal Plant Trail and Organic Farm, Hilltop Spa, Butterfly Farm, pool and so much more, a stay at Chaa Creek is always an amazing experience and a fantastic deal. And then, when you apply these generous discounts, it becomes unbeatable,” he said.

Mr Tonti said the 30% discounts will apply to all Chaa Creek accommodation, from their signature thatch roof cottage rooms to the luxury Jacuzzi and Tree Top Suites that Britain’s Prince Harry enjoyed, while the 10% discounts will apply to the Family Adventure, Inland Expedition and Belize Honeymoon all-inclusive Belize vacation packages. “When you consider that that’s 10% off accommodation plus all meals, activities, transfers, taxes, even staff gratuities, the savings are enormous,” he said.

When asked why the US Presidential elections were significant to Belize, Mr Tonti pointed to US Census report that some 160,000 Belizeans currently reside in the US and to the fact that most Belizeans have family or friends living up north. “Belizeans have always had a great affection for the US and Americans, and our ties are very close. For example, the Belizean dollar is pegged to the US dollar at two-to-one, we share English as our official language, were both former British colonies and have a great many other similarities.

“So we will be watching the US elections and presidential debate closely, and, for people wishing an incredible and very affordable vacation in Belize, I recommend they be prepared over the next few Tuesdays to act quickly and book themselves into an amazing deal.

“There’s no debating that this is a great opportunity and one more reason to highlight next Tuesday, 23 October 2012 on your calendar,” Mr Tonti said.

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