Why I Am Fascinated By The Mayan Culture & The End Of The Mayan Calendar

By: Carl and Denise Troy

Because … we have been fascinated by el Mundo Maya since the early 1970’s when Denise and her family lived among the Mayans in what is now Akumal, Quintana Roo, and Carl backpacked through the region to begin learning of this ancient and sophisticated culture.

As a direct result, our separate paths brought us to Belize in the late 1970’s to live and work, and where we discovered the budding Tarpon Run Farm – today’s Lodge at Chaa Creek – and each other.  Over the years we have visited many of the major Mayan sites in Belize – Altun Ha, Xunantunich, Lamanai, Lubaantun, Nim Li Punit, Caracol, and others in Mexico and Guatemala – but usually interpreted for us by non-Mayans.

A fascinating afternoon last year with an elderly guardian at the old Mayan redoubt of Chan Santa Cruz (Felipe Carrillo Puerto) in southern Quintana Roo cinched the deal.  We would love to learn more – much more – about the culture and lifeways of the Maya, and to share those insights with others.

After many years of hectic international living – mostly in the developing world – we have settled down a bit, and find ourselves cooking and growing many plants that were originally domesticated by the Mayans.  So we have strong horticultural and ethnobotanical interests in their legacy.

What better way to refine those tastes – and knowledge – than to experience the grand celebrations surrounding the end of the current cycle?  Also a chance to revisit familiar and beloved faces and places throughout the Jewel that is Belize.  That and we know that Chaa Creek offers each and every very visitor a regal experience.  (And yes, we are certain that the Sun will rise on December 22 and shower us with its wonderful gifts!)

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