Why I Want To Experience the 2012 Maya Winter Solstice

By Zana Kristen Wade

All my life I’ve been interested in the Maya world, their culture, and why is 2012 so called “The End.” I have found not just the Winter Solstice but all major predicted astronomical events to be significant to me, I would sit in the darkest of nights camping outside my house trying to get my view of an eclipse whether it be full or partial, or I would try and borrow telescopes to view astrological based stars or meteor showers but the winter solstice, as it marks the Sun’s lowest top point in the daytime sky each year as seen from Earth is just one example of the mystical astrological and astronomical events in which we can spiritually use to think and enlighten us, just as how the Maya would perceive this culturally.

Can you just imagine how they did it? They had none of our technology but through means I cannot fathom, they studied the skies and predicted, tested then formed the calendar we now focus our attention to especially in this year 2012, the year of The Maya’s, based just upon the movement of the galaxy. I’ve heard of the solstices and always wanted to see and experience that mystical thrill of it all. So long I’ve wanted to, but never had the means to actually carry out with this plan. To celebrate with the Maya people our beautiful Belize has nurtured and cared for, for several hundred years.

They left behind palaces, homes, beautiful priceless gems and a memory before now that was beginning to fade. But now as a country, as a community we celebrate. It would mean so much to me if you chose me for this great honor of being there to see, to learn and observe this truly great event.  If in the case I am not chosen I still want to thank you! Thank you for making this event what it is, to bringing the Maya people to the forefront, teaching us and informing us of great cultural events in which most of the youths of today don’t even care for.

This truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity, Thank you for reading my essay. Have a wonderful day.

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