The End of the Maya Calendar and Human Consciousness

By Emily Brady 

I am a world traveller, community builder, documentary photographer, film maker, journalist, experiential teacher, artist, architect, and musician. I am planning a tour around different parts of the world to document intentional communities and ceremonies celebrating spirituality, world cultures (arts & music), and living in harmony with the earth (sustainability/ self-reliance/ permaculture). I would like to write a book, produce a documentary-style film, create artwork, and compose music based around my experiences. My eventual goal is to build a flourishing sustainable community enriched with the wisdom of ancient cultures, traditions, and practices that brings positive energies into our world today. Visiting the enchanting natural setting of Chaa Creek and The Mayan grounds during the Winter Solstice Celebration would be the perfect way to start off this Creative Journey!

I see the World as my Wisdom Temple and my Greatest Teachers have been Experiences: “As in Micro, so in Macro. The whole exists within the minutest particle and the minutest particle contains the whole. The atom contains the universe and the universe contains the atom, and neither exists without the other. Creator exists within creation, even as creation exists within creator.”- Brahmarishi Mayan, circa 10,500 BC

Through spiritual meditations and practices I have been able to experience higher levels of consciousness and tune into the higher frequencies of the universe. Spiritual masters in my current life have brought understanding to me that in one of my many past lives I was a Coya Pasca (A Noblewoman of Spanish descent who was believed to be the Earthly Consort of the Sun God.) This spiritual connection is one of the main reasons I feel a strong interest in experiencing the spanish cultures and ancient civilizations. I have been re-connecting with these energies and learning how to harness the power of our many worlds and the sun spirit to share with others. I carry passion and positive energy with me wherever I go, and share this unconditional love as far and wide as possible. I believe spirituality is a big part of helping people grow and transition into a new world filled with light, love, healing, and positive growth. It is important for us to bring awareness to the recognition that we all have unique spiritual opportunities available to us at every moment.

I find the Multicultural Diversity and the value of cultural exchange to be such a significant part of the transition into this new age and the formation of harmonious communities. Mayan wisdom and cultural practices are deeply rooted in the spirit of our earth worlds, and I believe there is a lot for me to learn from their teachings and celebrations of this beautiful transition. I hope to be inspired by an adventure of a lifetime…There couldn’t be a more inspiring and uplifting place to reflect on the future of our planet and my new community than at Chaa Creek with our Ancient Ones.  Peace and Pastures of Plenty, Emily

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