Why I want to experience the 2012 Maya Winter Solstice at Chaa Creek

The Winter Solstice Week of December is the Perfect Time to Discover Belize

By: Raina

Why I want to experience the 2012 Maya Winter Solstice at Chaa Creek

I have planned to go to Belize with my boyfriend in December 2012 to be together for the apocalypse and to celebrate our love in the most romantic place ever. Daily routine makes us forget the best important things in life. The Winter Solstice Week of December is the perfect time to discover a wonderful country, a different and rich culture and especially forget stress and problems. Visiting Belize will be a turning point in our life as we are both fascinated by the Maya culture and pre Colombian civilizations in general. We are really eager to visit mysterious temples and are amazed by the beauty of the blue hole and pristine beaches on pictures. We want to see in real how magical Belize is and are sure it will be a lifetime experience. In addition, we are crazy about sport and are looking forward to go hiking. Furthermore we will be more than happy to learn about cosmology, sacred rituals and preparation of cacao. We will be so excited to see Belize for the first time, to breathe fresh air, eat healthy food, crack up a bottle of Champaign and be lazy.

The Lodge at Chaa creek meets our expectations since it combines comfort and nature. Moreover sustainable tourism and environmental respect is what we are looking for in an accommodation. We are followers of Chaa Creek Lodge and we are dreaming about relaxing in this luxury eco resort and especially enjoying spa treatments located in a lush forest. We know that Chaa creek has been awarded many times and offers awesome activities that we have never experienced before. We can afford the flight but not this incredible stay, and thus we are praying to win this unbelievable contest since we are well aware of what this opportunity means.

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