Winter Solstice: A Time to Celebrate

By Janet Ineson

I have learned that if we open ourselves to the world around us, we can learn so much about everything. Day to day things, history, geography, people, family, emotions, even ourselves. Unfortunately, too many of us get caught up in a life of running ourselves into the ground, collecting possessions and never stopping to smell the roses. Or enjoy time with our kids. Or make family a priority. Or see our friends often enough.

Thankfully, I have learned that there is a different way. I wish I’d have learned it when I was so much younger.

We sold our home and all the “things” (possessions, taxes, wasted time due to upkeep) that went with it. In summer, we now camp in a small trailer, enjoying nature, healthy food, walking and catching up with family and friends. In winter, we escape the Canadian snow and cold by heading south, learning as we go, meeting amazingly friendly people and experiencing life, places and people through simplicity and open eyes. For two years, my husband, Paul, and I have gone to Arizona, enjoying the “Old West” history and present day preservation of the “Old West”, the desert and the mountains, the trails, the stunning scenery, and new friends.

This winter, we will be in Belize, through unexpected connections that have given us the pleasure of another “family”, far from home. We are eagerly looking forward to experiencing Belizean life and learning about the culture and the history that is Belize. It is because of this opportunity that we would love to experience the 2012 Winter Solstice at Chaa Creek.

We are not fancy people and are somewhat intimidated by fancy places, but the draw of jungle trails, a rainforest preserve, a Mayan underworld, Mayan medicine and holistic healing (tickling into my career in nursing) is strong. Ceremony is an added bonus. The nature in which the contest is offered is also a positive for me….to know that you, the people who are presenting this opportunity, are enjoying doing so in the spirit of hospitality and giving, and having fun with it!

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