Hooded Warbler – The Songbird

It’s beauty of plumage, charm of voice, and gentleness of demeanor, make it indeed not only a lovely, but a truly lovable bird. Doubtless, also, the nature of the Hooded Warbler’s haunts increase its attractiveness, not merely because these well-watered woodlands are in themselves inviting, but because they bring the bird down to our level. This creates a sense of companionship that we do not feel with the birds ranging high above us, and at the same time it permits us to see this exquisitely clad creature under most favorable conditions.

The Hooded Warbler tail is white when seen from below; seen from above, white outer tail feathers are conspicuous when tail is flicked open. Male has extensive black hood; broad yellow eye mask’ greenish-olive above; and yellow below. Female shows blackish or olive crowd and sides of neck; sometimes has black throat or black spots on breast.

Hooded Warblers can be found on understory; broad leaf forest interior. It nests in Eastern North America from Southern Great Lakes and Southern England to the Gulf of Mexico. This bird is a common winter visitor in Belize, from late July to late April.

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