Easter Greetings from Chaa Creek

The management and staff of Chaa Creek wish all our friends, family and colleagues, here in Belize and around the world, a happy and blessed Easter holiday this year.

Since the dawn of time people of every culture in every corner of the earth celebrate this time of year as one of renewal, replenishment and hope for the future, and we think that’s a great idea. Here in Belize we see the return of colourful migratory birds, the first shoots of new crops, a proliferation of blossoms on the many flowering plants and trees, and a sparkle in the eyes of lovers.

It’s a great time to focus on the good things in life, count our blessings and realise that yes, the Sun reappears every day, the world keeps turning, and humankind continues to reach out, explore and come up with new ideas. No wonder hope never goes out of fashion…

And that’s our Easter wish this year – that we all find peace and joy by acknowledging the many good things in life, each other and this rather amazing planet we share.

Have a Happy Easter Everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Easter Greetings from Chaa Creek

  1. As one of the many global Chaa Creek friends who share your sentiments and philosophies – especially when it comes responsible travel and sustainable living – we want to wish all of you up there a very Happy Easter, and please keep up the good work. You guys are an example of how it should be done…
    All the best

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