A Date with Destinee

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We couldn’t resist…

To be honest, we’re not big on the whole beauty pageant thing, but we do like reporting on all things Belizean, and for many people early this month, the selection of Belize’s very own Destinee Arnold taking the crown at the International La Reina de La Costa Maya Pageant was a source of excitement and joy.

The International La Reina de La Costa Maya Pageant, or Queen of the Maya Coast Pageant for our non-Spanish speakers, has women from Mexico and seven Latin American countries vying for the crown of this international competition, now in its 22nd year.

And Belize’s Ms Arnold is no stranger to pageant success, having already taken the crowns of the 2012 “Queen of the Jewel Miss Belize” and Miss International Pageant” in Okinawa, Japan, and won the title of Miss Ethnic World in 2013 at Long beach California.

With so many prestigious awards already on her mantle, we expect that Destinee is on her way to even bigger and better things, and we wish her well as she continues to represent Belize on the world stage.

Is Miss Universe in her sights? Time will tell, and meanwhile we’ll, like the rest of Belize, be keeping our eye on this talented rising star.

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