Nat Geo Names Belize Top Ten Winter Trip

Five reasons for planning a 2014 Belize vacation now

Nat Geo Names Belize Top Ten Winter Trip

Who’s planning next year’s vacations already?

Obviously some people are, because we just received not one, but two emails this last week asking for suggestions about where to go in Belize in January.

Having been focussed on the current and upcoming September and beyond celebration season that’s just kicked off in the Jewel, it did take us by surprise. Here were two groups of people already planning for next year, just as the longest running  party in the western hemisphere is  getting underway in Belize (Link: It’s Never Too Early to prepare for the Belize Holiday Season

However, when you think about it, it does make sense to start planning now to enjoy that post-holiday euphoria that always pervades Belize after the New Year. And there are many other good reasons to be in Belize in January. Here’s a few:

It’s very relaxed.  Everyone’s been partying and people in the eco-tourism business have been working hard. And while resorts, tour operators and everyone are still active and welcoming, they’re moving at a more relaxed pace now that the rush is over.

It’s uncrowded. Even at its busiest, Belize is never a crowded, hustle bustle sort of place. But come January when most of the world has enjoyed their holidays and gone back to work, the vibe in Belize is mellow and laid back. Personally, this is our favourite time of year.

The weather is lovely.  January marks the beginning of the dry season – not too dry and not yet wet, with mild temperatures ranging from an average monthly low of 70°F (21°C) to a high of 80°F (27°C). January is an excellent month for enjoying both inland adventures and coastal fun and frivolity on the cayes and the Belize Great Barrier Reef.

You have many ancient Maya sites almost all to yourself. Even popular sites such as the stunning pyramid at Xunantunich and the ancient cities if Caracol and Tikal are as relaxed as they’ll  ever be, making it even easier to just wander around and spend more time with the guides or just hanging out.

You’re in Belize. Think about it. Many people suffer from that post holiday let-down in January. The fun is over, and you’re back to work, with a long stretch to face before the next holidays. For many people up North, the whole winter wonderland thing is wearing thin. Now it’s just cold and you’re starting to dream about spring. However, if you’re in Belize, swimming, enjoying a nature walk, canoe trip or horseback ride in tee shirt and shorts, you’re already exactly where you want to be, doing what you want to do. There’s something about swaying in a hammock with a cool drink and a good book while the workaday world goes on without you. Sort of a guilty pleasure without the guilt, because you’re having too much fun to worry about anything.

With a little planning, this is how you can be spending time in January. And with one of Chaa Creek’s all-inclusive Belize vacation packages, you’ll be getting a great deal with no extra hidden costs or hassles to worry about. From the moment you step off the plane everything, and that’s everything, from lovely, casual luxury accommodation, excellent meals, a wealth of activities and the run of a private, secure 365 acre rainforest nature reserve filled with tropical flora, fauna and ancient Maya sites is all taken care of.  Want to hit the cayes and reef too? No worries, the Rainforest to Reef packages make that easy too.

So the more you consider it, the more it makes sense to start thinking about a January vacation in Belize now. Visit the Chaa Creek website and don’t be surprised if you’re sending one of the next emails we receive asking about all the things to do in Belize in January.

Four months from now when you’re relaxing in the sun, you’ll be glad you did.

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