Belize Photo of the Day: The Malachite Butterfly

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the malachit butterfly

Malachite butterfly

The Malachite is a neo tropical butterfly that has large wings that are black and brilliant green or yellow green on the upper sides and light brown and olive green on the under sides. Its name is derived from the mineral malachite which is similar in color to the bright green on the butterfly’s wings.

The Malachite is a popular species of Butterfly in Belize and can be found throughout Central and South America.

According to Chaa Creek Naturalist Guide David Juarez, these butterflies are wonderful strong fliers and the green on their wings gleams and shines when it catches the sun.

“You will enjoy every moment spent watching the Malachite Butterfly”, says David.

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One comment on “Belize Photo of the Day: The Malachite Butterfly”

  1. This is an easily confused similar species (Philaethria dido) which has an almost identical coloration and patterning. Beautiful photo!