Mr Belize Rigo Vellos

Belize Bodybuilders Championships bring out the best and buffed

Mr Belize Rigo Vellos

Belize Bodybuilders Championships bring out the best and buffed

Our readers know how much space we give to the pursuits of arts, music and crafts in general in Belize, and we’d be remiss indeed in neglecting that ancient art of body sculpting and maximizing the human body into a thing to be admired and wondered at.

All this and more was on display when The Belize Body Building and Fitness Federation held its annual championship competition on the 1st of November at the Bliss Institute of Performing Art in Belize City to select the 2013 champions in male and female categories.

Now, the BBBFF is the largest bodybuilding and fitness organization in Belize and its champions regularly feature in regional competitions in neighboring countries in Central America. Body building in Belize is serious business.

So we’re looking at rigorous competition in a country that prides itself on fitness. Belizeans are not a lazy lot, and it shows.

Well, hours of training and dedication have paid off for a few of our bodybuilders, most notably Mr Rigo Vellos, who won the light-heavyweight division and also the Mr Belize Body Building Championship 2013. The Masters category was won by veteran bodybuilder Clayton Greenidge; who also took top honors in the middle weight division.

Miss Belize Figure Champion Cricel Castillo

The ladies also made an impressive appearance, with the rather stunning champion Cricel Castillo winning the female category in the figure competition. The physique competition went to Kaya Cattouse and the bikini competition to Annlyn Apolonio, both showing what hours of honing nature’s gifts can accomplish.

To say the audience was appreciative would be an understatement. Just like with any sport or art form, the dedication (and results) we’re acknowledged with proper enthusiasm.

So a hearty congratulations ladies and gentlemen and we’ll look forward to you representing Belize in other competitions. At the very least, you contribute to an already beautiful nation.

All the best from your appreciative admirers and keep up the good work!

Watch the video of the Miss Belize Bikini Fitness 2013 competition: More Belize News at Belizean

Images courtesy of the Belizean

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