Easter in Belize – a Stunning Spectacular!


Easter in Belize – a Stunning Spectacular!


Easter, not normally associated with a tropical paradise such as Belize, is becoming one of the most popular vacation times on The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s calendar, according to the Belize eco resort’s marketing administrator.

Roberto Harrison cites several reasons for the growing popularity of Easter at Chaa Creek, naming excellent weather, the growing trend  of families wishing to share memorable holiday experiences, and  the springtime urge for couples to do something special together.

There’s also a distinctly Belizean reason to be in the little Caribbean country that time of year. The profusion of migratory birds adds to the rainforest’s riot of colour and captivating birdsong, he explained.

“Due to the time pressures people face these days, we’re finding that families and couples especially want to get the most out of their holidays together. They’re looking for the traditional trappings and closeness they’ve always associated with Easter along with something to make it extra special and truly memorable.

“Chaa Creek’s Belize Easter Vacations, with the unique combination of the familiar with the exotic, seem to fit the bill for a lot of people,” Mr Harrison said.

“For example, our annual Easter Egg hunt is a hit for kids and grownups alike. How many people can say they’ve participated in a true Easter egg hunt through pristine jungle, and the beautiful exotic foliage and flowers make it an enjoyable challenge.

“Over the years we’ve learned to structure activities, so that there are plenty of things for families to do together and, for example, balancing kids’ activities under the supervision of our licensed nature guides so that the adults can have some quality time of their own,” he added.

The popular eco resort’s 365 acre sprawl also means that there is plenty of room for couples to get away on their own Mr Harrison said.

“Our epicurean picnics, either by horseback, mountain biking, hiking, private jungle transport, canoe or the new ‘Miss Macal ‘romantic johnboat give couples the feeling of being completely alone in a bygone era, but with the security of being within Chaa Creek’s private nature reserve,” he said.

Mr Harrison said the profusion of neotropical birds during their annual migration also adds to the gentle explosion of colour and sound during the Easter weeks.

According to Belize’s Crooked Tree wildlife sanctuary; “The best time to see them (birds) is between February and May. Most migratory birds arrive in November, and leave before the rainy season starts in July.”

The annual whale shark season in Belize, beginning in March, and running through April, May, June and sometimes further into the summer is another Easter time draw, Mr Harrison said.

With a recorded length of 12.65 metres (41.50 ft) in length and weighing in at more than 36 tonnes (79,000 lb), whale sharks are the world’s largest fish and the third largest living animal. Although a true shark and largely unchanged over 60 million years, whale sharks are peaceful, allowing divers to approach near them as they lazily strain plankton and other food during their annual stopover in Belize.

Mr Harrison said that the chance to experience springtime in Belize, enjoy an Easter that combines the familiar with the exotic, explore ancient Maya temples and archaeological sites while perhaps seeing whale sharks in one of their very few natural breeding habitats is making a Belizean Easter celebration irresistible to many travellers.

“It also turns out to be a very affordable way to have the ultimate Easter holiday in Belize. If you consider that an all-inclusive Belize vacation package at Chaa Creek means that everyone just arrives at the Belize international airport and we pick them up and handle everything from there, with all accommodation, meals, transfers, tours, activities and even taxes and staff gratuities included in one set price with absolutely no hidden costs or surprises, a Chaa Creek Easter starts looking like a great deal.

“We got the reputation as Belize’s ‘destination within a destination’ due to our 365 acre private reserve, well organised infrastructure and countrywide network of colleagues, so our guests are confident of having the most complete, enjoyable Belizean vacation at the best possible price.

“It all adds up to why Easter at Chaa Creek is so popular, and why we stress that people book early to assure that they can discover it for themselves this year,” Mr Harrison said.

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