You gotta Love April in Belize and here is why…

You Gotta Love April in Belize and here is why…


It’s April in Belize, and really, what more needs to be said? Perfect any time of year, there’s something just so…. April about this month that you just want to get up and actually embrace it, like a long lost relative or lover who has been away too long.

The birds are on the move again now that the north is thawing out, and the local avian Belizeans, such as the keel billed toucan, the smaller but no less spectacular toucanets, the various parrots, myriad hummingbirds, our family’s’ personal favourites, the Blue Crowned Mot Mot with that amazing pendulum tail and all the other feathered friends seem happy to get their turf back from the migratory stopovers, although in nature’s bounty, there always seems to be plenty enough to go around in Belize.

By the way – did you know that the mot mot’s tail doesn’t come that way naturally? They’re one of nature’s few creatures that actually change their natural appearance so dramatically to attract mates. They actually pluck it with great care and accuracy to achieve the effect. And when you see that tail doing its pendulum thing you sort of understand why…

Yes, the bees are buzzing making honey, and all over the country people and animals seem to be making…. well, good use of their time. It’s that heady, special time of year you need to see to appreciate, foals gambolling about in paddocks getting used to their spindly legs, even the three toed sloth seems more energetic. The howler monkeys are rumbling extra loud to make sure their turf is well known to both potential mates and rivals, and the jaguar pelts get sleeker with the abundance of food.

It’s no wonder that Easter usually falls in April because it does seem like resurrection, what with all the new buds and flowers on the trees and life coming back to life.

With a temperature that doesn’t vary much month to month, and a landscape where green is always to be found, year round swimming and long pants usually a fashion statement more than a necessity, it’s hard to put a finger on why April in Belize seems so particularly wonderful.

It just is…

We’re also noticing more yoga and wellness package stuff going on. Do people just feel more in tune, or toning up those bodies for summer?

Yes, April is special in Belize, and leads to people writing gratuitous stuff like this – just to let nature know we notice and are grateful…

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