A Mayan Adventure Vacation Indiana Jones Would Love!

Exploring ancient Mayan Civilizations & temples while enjoying a luxury vacation – what’s not to love? 

The Mundo Maya, or Mayan World, refers to the vast area this remarkable ancient empire once flourished in, and the area along the present day border between Belize and Guatemala was one of the Maya’s most prosperous and vibrant regions.

With a wealth of ancient temples, cities, ceremonial caves and other artefacts left behind by this highly advanced civilisation, travelling the Mundo Maya is an explorer’s dream come true.

And the dream just became much easier to realise thanks to the Mayan Temples and Jungle Adventure Package, a new all-inclusive Belize vacation package being offered by two of the Mundo Maya’s best ecoresorts – The Lodge at Chaa Creek and the Bolontiku Boutique Hotel in Guatemala.

BOLONTIKU Boutique Hotel in Peten, Guatemala
BOLONTIKU Boutique Hotel in Peten, Guatemala

Think Indiana Jones enjoying the best vacation of his life. Along in-depth guided tours of the Mundo Maya’s most impressive ancient Mayan temples, cities and artefact-rich sacred caves, the Mayan Temples and Jungle Adventure Package also offers an all-inclusive vacation that includes everything even the most intrepid adventurer could ask for. With eco-luxe accommodation, fine dining, exciting activities, quality amenities and exquisite relaxation, all in beautiful rainforest and lake settings, every luxury vacation box has been ticked.

chaa creek luxury cottage collection
Luxury Cottage Collection at Chaa Creek

We know that travel between two countries, what with different languages, money and practices, can often be confusing and time consuming. That’s why Belize’s Chaa Creek and Guatemala’s Bolontiku Boutique Hotel are working together to offer travellers the ultimate in comfort, convenience and value. For one affordable set price, you are looked after from the moment you’re picked up at Belize’s international airport until you leave for home with memories and photographs you’ll savour for years.

Tikal Guatemala Mayan Ruins
Photo courtesy Roberto Harrison

If having amazing adventures while enjoying a luxury vacation that seamlessly spans two countries sounds appealing to you, contact Chaa Creek or your favourite travel agent, pack your camera, brush off your Indiana Jones hat and get ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

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