Foodie Friday with Chefs Ennel and Sean Kuylen

Sean Kuylen is a name that has become synonymous with Belizean Cuisine. The famed chef has made his mark on the global culinary scene and especially in Belize’s own culinary landscape. Arguably the most well-known Belizean Chef, Sean studied the art of cooking at the City College of San Francisco where he learned the complexities of American and French cuisines.


However, as Sean would tell you himself, his true passion for cooking began with his mother who created a foundation of Belize cuisine in him. These influences set in place his unique cooking style blending the best of French and American haute cuisine with the peculiarities of traditional Belizean food. .

Given Belize’s interesting cultural blend which translates to a very interesting culinary medley, you will definitely expect some unorthodox but knock-your-socks-off dishes to be served out by Sean.


Sean’s impressive resume of experience definitely reenforces his skills in the kitchen but the work he is doing now is the most important. Sean along with a bevy of other Belizean chefs are pioneering and defining what Belizean cuisine is. Crafting and moulding from the large lists of traditional ingredients some of the best food a person can eat, all uniquely Belizean.


Sean along with other pioneering Belizean chefs are on the edge of a culinary renaissance here in Belize, innovating and creating dishes that will define our cuisine and form a foundation to show the world and ourselves what we know already, and that is “Belize gah nice food fi eat”.

It is people like Sean, or our very own Chef Ennel who will contribute to Belizeans embracing our cuisine and our culture in a passionate way!

San Ignacio itself has become its own bustling little metropolis of unexpected flair in the food scene and Chef Ennel at the Guava limb brings together a special Irish something just in time for St Patrick’s Day! While a local delicacy; rabbit is not often (if ever) seen on restaurant menus and Chef Ennel really knocked one out of the ballpark with a traditional overnight marinated, slow roasted rabbit!

Last night Chef Sean Kuylen joined Ennel at the limb to try the Roast Rabbit and the “Caribbean Leprechaun” cocktail special!


When asked for the Roast rabbit recipe, the answer will most likely be “it’s a secret”, so I can’t tell you about that today, but the Caribbean Leprechaun I can!


Caribbean Leprechaun Drink Recipe:

  • Apple Pucker
  • Coconut Water
  • Sprite Cane Juice Rum
  • Lime
  • A bit of sugar

For Guava limb reservations contact them on their Facebook Page or call +501-824-4837

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