Celebrate & Save During Belize’s Big Birthday September Celebrations

Celebrate And Save During Belize’s (And Chaa Creek’s) Big Birthday September Celebrations

Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to Chaa Creek…
(but more about this – and some pretty spectacular birthday savings – later)

Last month’s post about Belize’s month long September celebrations should still be fresh in the minds of our more attentive readers. But here’s a brief recap of some highlights:

belize Independence Day 2018 header

  • The 10 September holiday commemorating the colourful Battle of St George’s Caye, which, when compared with the Pirates of the Caribbean films is yet another example of fact being even more exciting than fiction (sorry Johnny Depp – you’d had to have been there…)
  • The wild J’ouvert shenanigans the night before Carnival, with hundreds of revellers smearing coloured mud all over their bodies, dancing, prancing and partying til dawn when the more…shall we say exuberant?… members of the crowd leap off the Belcan Bridge into turbid waters below.
    (Public Service Message: Authorities ask that merrymakers refrain from the bridge jumping part of the festivities this year for what should be obvious reasons)
    The Carnival, which, if it keeps growing in size, attendance, costumes and ambition each year is on track to rival Rio’s
  • The various pageants, parades and fiestas held across Belize in the lead up to:
  • The September 21st Independence Day celebrations commemorating 37 years of Belize joining the world as a sovereign democratic nation.

We also pointed out the similarities between independence day celebrations in the United States, Canada and Belize, touching on the facts that we all began as British colonies, are English-speaking bastions of democracy, have substantial amounts of land preserved as parks and protected wilderness areas, are multicultural melting pots, and… now do you remember?


Well, if those descriptions weren’t enough to get you reaching for the phone or keyboard to talk with your favourite travel agent, or, better still, those helpful vacation planning specialists at Chaa Creek, here’s some icing on the cake, a cherry atop the sundae, and a bright bow atop the gift wrap to capture your attention.


Chaa Creek’s September Super Saver Special!

Back when Belize achieved independence from Great Britain in September 1981, a day and night at a eco-luxe jungle lodge probably would have cost around USD$100 – if there were eco-luxe jungle lodges like Chaa Creek to stay in back then.


Well, by happy coincidence, just as Belize became an independent nation, two young world-travelling adventurers who fell in love with the country and resurrected a farm on the banks of the Macal River, decided to officially open their home to travellers (having unofficially been putting up visitors for the last couple of years) and Chaa Creek Cottages was born.

As Belize became popular and grew, so did Chaa Creek, evolving over the years into The Lodge at Chaa Creek, The Macal River Camp, and Chaa Creek Expeditions.

Along the way, Chaa Creek promoted sustainable tourism and developed relationships with like-minded resorts that allow for all-inclusive Belize vacation packages combining a true jungle lodge experience with a postcard-perfect Caribbean holiday.

And with the more recent Ix Chel Luxury rainforest Villas, and as a founding member of Unique Hotels of Belize, that exclusive collection of Belize’s finest resorts, Chaa Creek continues to raise the bar in luxury accommodations.


But we digress…

Fast-forward to 2018, and you’d be hard pressed to find luxury accommodations anywhere for under a hundred dollars a night – let alone in the increasingly popular Caribbean Central American region. And this brings us back to:

Happy birthday Belize, Happy Birthday Chaa Creek!

As a special birthday gift, The Lodge at Chaa Creek is offering a Special September Birthday Deal of USD$99 a day/night for eco-luxe accommodations, with free run of Chaa Creek’s 400-acre private nature reserve, and exciting activities such as free guided tours of the Belize Natural History Museum, Butterfly Farm and Maya Medicinal Plant Trail, with canoeing the Macal River and a huge range of optional add-on activities and amenities that include massage and other treatments at the internationally recognised Hilltop Spa.


That’s right – for less than $100, September visitors can enjoy rainforest luxury at budget accommodation prices.

And experience Belize during a month filled with some uniquely Belizean celebrations and events, as well as lovely weather and less crowds at the more popular ancient Maya temples and other attractions.


Birthdays come just once a year – so help us celebrate in tranquil, yet wildly civilised style, and enjoy big savings while you’re at it.

RSVP at The Lodge at Chaa Creek and get set for a September vacation you’ll remember forever.

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