Spring Is Here And The Time Is Right For…Whale Sharks

Spring Is Here And The Time Is Right For…Whale Sharks

Why would an inland Jungle Lodge be so excited about-ocean going Whale Sharks?

Because they’re awesome!


And here in Belize, where the stunning Caribbean Coast is never more than 70 miles from the equally stunning Western frontier, planning a whale shark watching excursion from an inland eco-resort is not only possible, it makes a lot of sense.

It also adds up to the ultimate vacation. Where else can travellers spend a few days enjoying authentic jungle experiences, canoeing picturesque, tranquil rivers, exploring ancient Maya temples, wandering through once-sprawling cities and sacred ceremonial caves, and then hop over to the Caribbean coast to marvel at these gentle giants, maybe even taking in a bit of Garifuna cultural immersion complete with that distinctive Afro-Carib drumming?

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If it sounds like a lot to experience, it is.

If it sounds like a lot of work – it isn’t.

Because with a Chaa Creek Whale Shark Watching vacation, either as an all-inclusive Belize vacation package, or a bespoke, personally tailored adventure-holiday, we do all the work, and you relax into a seamless, hassle-free adventure.

How seamless, you may ask?


Absolutely, positively seamless.

But first, something about those Whale Sharks.

Definitely some of the most magnificent creatures to ever inhabit the Earth, Whale Sharks are the largest fish in the sea, measuring 41.5 feet (12.65 m) and weighing in at more than 47,000 lbs (21.5 metric tons), making them larger than the average school bus.

Relatively unchanged over the last 60 million years, Rhincodon typus, to use the scientific Latin, is a true shark that is often mistaken for a whale due to its size and docile nature.

Like true whales, whale sharks are also long-distance ocean travellers, and embark on annual migrations to places like Madagascar, South Africa, Australia, Mozambique, Indonesia, Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, and, lucky us…Belize, where they take advantage of a yearly fish spawn in the shelter of the world’s second largest barrier reef to gorge themselves while enjoying a break from roaming the seas.

Belize Barrier Reef

And while Africa, Australia and the other whale shark destinations have their charms for humans, Belize, where these gentle giants have been regularly arriving for as long as anyone can remember, is considered to be whale shark watching heaven.

April and May are the best months for whale watching, with June a strong contender. Sightings also occur, to a lesser extent, in March. With optimum viewing time usually two days before and ten days after the full moon, it’s also a postcard-perfect time to be In Belize.

Chaa Creek staff monitor reports from colleagues on the coast to maximise guests’ chances of catching up with these wandering behemoths, but, like everything in nature, there are no guarantees these aquatic giants will be at a specific place at a specific time. And this is another reason why a combination surf and turf whale shark vacation makes so much sense.


Rainforests are always alive with wonder, the ancient Maya temples aren’t going anywhere, and then there’s the many delights of a Chaa Creek vacation, with exquisite farm-to-table dining, amenities such as the Hilltop Spa and infinity pool, and actives that include canoeing the Macal River, horseback riding through jungle trails, guided nature walks and much more.


Including the newly refurbished Macal River Camp that offers a true jungle experience and a very affordable home base for exploring Belize.


And with Chaa Creek’s nationwide network of trusted colleagues, including our Unique Hotels of Belize partners, guests are assured of seamless transfers and consistently high quality on Belize’s Caribbean coast, cayes and the Belize Great Barrier Reef.

However – the saying that time and tide wait for no one also applies to Whale Sharks, many of whom are presumably on their way right now to their favourite migratory fuel and rest stops. To increase your chances of meeting some of the most magnificent creatures on planet earth, we recommend you contact your favourite travel agent, or Chaa Creek directly to learn more, and to book the vacation adventure of a lifetime.


PS – Here are some Full Moon dates for 2019

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