Belize Is A Kids Paradise – And Chaa Creek Is Its Biggest Playground

With summer vacation time approaching, we’ve been getting a fair amount of questions about kids lately – “Is Belize a good place to bring children to?” “Are there things for kids to do?” “Is it okay to travel with children?” and so on.

As parents ourselves, we’d first of all like to tip our hats to responsible parents everywhere, and say how much we respect these types of enquiries.

Secondly, we’re happy to report that our honest answers are yes, yes, and yes. As parents, and as overgrown kids who enjoy doing stuff with young people, we can’t think of a better place to enjoy a summer vacation.

Belize family vacation travel 2019 pool at Chaa creek

Ask anyone who has been to Belize how Belizeans feel about kids. Belize has always been very family-oriented – it’s one of those cultures where the very young and the elderly are highly valued. People naturally look out for children in Belize, and having raised our own here, we can’t think of a more kids-friendly place.

And as far as taking the young ones on vacation, family owned and operated Chaa Creek has earned a reputation as Belize’s family eco-resort, as you see in the amount of amenities and activities we’ve developed over the years specifically for families to share.

The onsite Belize Natural History Museum, Butterfly Farm, infinity pool, nature walks, and touches like a games area for rainy days were all developed with kids in mind.


Even the Maya Organic Farm that supplies our restaurants at the lodge and in town has a kid’s component. We encourage young people to visit the farm and have our guides – and sometimes co-founding owner Mr Mick – show them around while explaining how things like recycling, natural pesticides and fertilisers work. We love seeing the kids collect herbs, fruits and vegies to bring back to the kitchen, and then the big smiles when their harvest appears on the family’s plates at dinnertime.

family check out organic Maya farm at Belize Chaa creek
Mr Mick Fleming, Co-Founder showing guests around the Organic Maya Farm

Then there’s early morning birding walks, nature hikes, canoeing the tranquil Macal River, exploring ancient Maya temples and the “Creatures of the Night” evening nature walks – all designed as activities for the entire family to share.


And, with Chaa Creek nestled within a 400-acre private nature reserve, and our famously friendly 160 member staff – the majority of whom are locals with strong family ties to Chaa Creek and their villages – parents can relax.

And for those times when parents, grandparents and adults want their own quality time at the Spa, the Jungle Lounge, or their rooms, our naturalist guides, trusted child caregivers and babysitters are second to none.


Having watched our own and our neighbours’, friends’ and staff members’ children grow up surrounded by so much natural beauty and healthy exercise, we’ve always enjoyed sharing nature’s playground with young people from around the world. And the fact that so many return, year after year, means that they must like it too.

So, with summer approaching, why not sit the family down and visit , together and see what you all think? With such a wide range of accommodations and things to do, we bet you’ll find something that suits your interests and budgets.

Speaking of budgets – while you’re at it, visit our Macal River Camp at With clean, comfortable and very affordable lodgings that include home-cooked breakfasts and dinners, as well as complete access to all the Chaa Creek amenities listed above, getting back to nature has never been so comfortable – or easy on the wallet.

Then contact your travel agent, or Chaa Creek directly, where our family vacation planners are standing by to answer questions and help you plan a kids-friendly vacation you’ll be talking about for years.


Just think how much your kids will enjoy their “How I spent my summer vacation” assignments when the new school year starts…

We look forward to seeing you!

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