From The Chaa Creek Collection Of Belize Fairy Tales

From The Chaa Creek Collection Of Belize Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, a young lady named Goldilocks was planning her vacation. She had worked hard all year, and wanted this vacation to be special.

And since it had been an exceptionally hot summer, she wanted to go somewhere beautiful, with lovely weather, and she didn’t want to spend all her time travelling.


So she went to the Three Bears Travel Agency.

“I think I have the right place for you,” Mama Bear said, “Sedona, Arizona is a domestic flight, and it’s all the rage with hipsters,” she smiled, eyeing Goldilocks’ boyfriend’s beard and man-bun.

“Oh no! That’s way too hot,” Goldilocks said.

“Oh, I got it!” Papa Bear exclaimed, “How about Alaska? It’s not that far away, and you can see the Northern Lights!”

“Ooh, that’s way too cold.” Goldilocks and her friend shivered.


Then Baby Bear spoke up.

“Belize is beautiful beyond words, and it’s only a couple hours away. A…an…and the weather is wonderful all year round!”

“Here, visit The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s website. It has all kinds of information about Belize, including month-by-month weather. You can use our computer or your own smart phone,” Mama Bear suggested.

Belize family vacation travel 2019 pool at Chaa creek

It only took a little while before Goldilocks and her friend Dagwood were convinced.

“Wow! You’re so right, Baby Bear! It’s beautiful! And there’s so much to do! We wouldn’t need to go anywhere else for a great vacation.”

“And the food looks amazing!” Dagwood enthused.

Prince Harry Wedding Honeymoon Food Menu at Chaa Creek

“And if you want to see the ancient Maya temples or swim in the warm Caribbean, Chaa Creek’s all-inclusive Belize vacation packages can take you anywhere in the country,” Papa Bear added.

“B…bu…but it’s so beautiful at Chaa Creek and there’s so much to do you prolly won’t want to leave,” Baby Bear said.

Chaa Creek - Horseback-Riding

“Look, Dagwood dear. You can even learn to cook Maya, Mestizo, Garifuna and all these other kinds of food with the cultural cooking classes at the Chaa Creek’s Open Hearth attraction!”

“I’m hungry already!” he said.

chaa creek open hearth belize cooking east indian dish

“And with complimentary canoeing, swimming, guided bird watching, tours of the Belize Natural History Museum, Butterfly Farm, Maya Medicinal Plant trail and walks in the private nature reserve, we can eat as much as we want and come back trim and tanned,” Goldilocks smiled from her smart phone.

“There are lots of other optional treats too. Like horseback riding, professional spa treatments, jungle safaris on all-terrain vehicles, cultural tours…” Papa Bear said.

“Wow! It’s more affordable than I expected,” Goldilocks said, “What a great combination of adventure and relaxation!”

“And best of all, it’s not too hot, not too cold…

Belize is just right!”


“Let’s book the flights and Chaa Creek right now,” Dagwood said, “All this excitement is making me hungry!”

“You can have some of my porridge,” Baby Bear offered.

The End?

With fluctuating temperatures the world over, isn’t it nice to know that Belize’s famously perfect weather, refreshed with Caribbean sea breezes and vast breathing rainforests, is just a hop, skip and jump from many major North American airports?


From the moment you’re picked up until you’re dropped back off at Belize’s International Airport, you’re in good hands with Chaa Creek’s famous casually luxurious care. See for yourself why travel professionals refer to Chaa Creek as Belize’s “Destination Within The Destination,” and get ready to enjoy a vacation thousands of visitors say is much more than “just right.”

There’s even porridge…with tropical fruits.

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