Want To Have A Great Belize Vacation And Save Time and Money? Try An All-Inclusive Belize Vacation Packages

If, like many people, you’re already thinking about next year’s vacation, here’s a tip –

Visit Belize.


And to get the most out of a Belize vacation while saving time and money, check out Chaa Creek’s All-Inclusive Belize Vacation Packages.

Our vacation packages have been around for a long time, starting when visitors would ask:

“I only have X amount of time to spend in Belize. Can you suggest what to do?”

“Well, what are you most interested in?”

“We want to see some ancient Maya temples, but we’d also like to see a bit of the Caribbean coast…maybe one of the cayes.”


“Here, let me put a package together for you.”

From those humble beginnings Chaa Creek’s popular all-inclusive Belize vacation packages were born.

And the more packages our vacation planners developed, the more we realised we could save guests not only time, but a fair amount of money, too.

Here’s how:

Including everything for an entire vacation into one complete package – accommodation, meals, transfers, activities and so forth – assists our accounting department by streamlining billing, makes our kitchen more efficient as far as planning meals, lets housekeeping know what to expect and for how long, and gives a heads up to our naturalist guides, drivers and other staff. Efficiency equals savings.

Prince Harry Wedding Honeymoon Food Menu at Chaa Creek

And we’re delighted to pass these savings onto our guests.

Also, by taking advantage of Chaa Creek’s infrastructure, onsite amenities, transportation and nationwide network of colleagues, including partner resorts on the Caribbean Coast and cayes, guests enjoy savings they couldn’t come close to matching if they itemised, planned and paid for each component of their vacation.

Speaking of planning, we’ve been doing this for close to 40 years, know Belize inside and out, and have developed a network of trusted colleagues – all of which gives our experienced vacation planners a unique ability to match Belize’s many attractions with our guests’ personal interests, requirements and expectations.


After decades of hosting thousands of visitors from every corner of the globe, we’ve built an unparalleled reputation for looking after our guests, both at the resort or when travelling. From pick up until drop off at Belize’s international airport, and throughout their travels in Belize, our guests can relax with confidence that Chaa Creek’s experienced drivers and their well-maintained vehicles will get them where they’re going in comfort and safety.

Whether you’re looking to explore ancient Maya cities, temples and ceremonial caves, combine a Caribbean island and seacoast holiday with an inland adventure, discover Belize’s fascinating cultures and natural history, or simply relax, swim, enjoy fine dining or exquisite pampering at a world class spa, there’s a Chaa Creek all-inclusive Belize vacation package for you.


And, in the unlikely event you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, speak with one of our vacation planners and they’ll work with you to craft the perfect vacation – whether you’re travelling as a family, couple, group or individual.

If you’re thinking that, after so many years introducing so many people to the many charms of Belize, we not only know, but also enjoy what we’re doing, you’re absolutely right.

In fact, we love it.


We invite you to visit the Chaa Creek website, have a look around, and find the most suitable all-inclusive Belize vacation package. Then, contact your favourite travel agent or get in touch with us directly, and start enjoying the most enjoyable, affordable, and hassle-free way to experience Belize for yourself.

We bet you’ll love it as much as we do.

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