A Quick Guide To Garifuna Food: How to Make Sere!

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  1. Celebrating With A Culinary Journey
  2. Check out the recipe below:
  3. Check Out Our Special!
  4. Happy Garifuna Settlement Day!

Celebrating With A Culinary Journey

The Garinagu in Belize have called this multicultural nation home for over 221 years. Their arrival on November 19th is commemorated every year by Belizeans at home and abroad. Popular food establishments prepare signature dishes such as hudut and Sere while listening to lively Garifuna music, one of the culture’s most influential contributions.

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If you are unable to celebrate Garifuna Settlement Day in the Cultural Capital or grab a signature Garinagu soul food, don’t worry; we’ve got you! The chefs from the Guava Limb Café shared their recipe for preparing a finger-licking bowl of Sere!

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Sere is a stew-like thick savory coconut and fish. The broth is often prepared with fresh coconut milk, okra, onions, cilantro, and plantains and pan-fried, complemented with potatoes and cassava. It is usually served with aromatic coconut rice.

Check out the recipe below:

Ingredients for a serving for 2 

Fish Fillet or 1 Whole Snapper Fish 

2 Green Plantains 

2 Ripe Plantains 

2 Coconut Milk Packets 

Hand full of Cilantro and Culantro 



1 large Onion 

1 large Cassava 

Coconut Oil

Vegetable Oil 


1 large Carrots 


2 Limes

Preparation of Fish 

Clean Snapper (whole fish) and remove all scales 

Wash with lime 

Season lightly with Salt and Pepper to taste 

Deep fry seasoned fish or fish fillet for 5 minutes (depending on size)

Preparation of Chowder (leave on fire for approximately 45 mins) 

Mince ½ of the Onion and at least 2 garlic cloves. Sautee both on a pre heated frying pan with added coconut oil. 

Boil even 1 ½ cup of water mixed with 1 ½ cup of coconut milk on a medium size pot. 

Add the sauteed garlic and onion to the water mixture 

Cut the green plantain and ripe plantain in medium size chunks along with the carrots and cassava. The chunks to the chowder. 

Mince a good amount of both cilantro and cilantro. Add to the chowder. 

Add deep fried fish fillet or whole fish to chowder 

Leave chowder with all ingredients to  boil for 12- 15 mins. Ensure that the heat is lowered to allow a slow cooking process. Add 1 Habanero Pepper for flavour 

Check fish to ensure its tender, stir for every 5 minutes. 

Preparation of Rice

Measure 2 cups of rice. Wash the rice 

Add 2 ½ cups of water to the rice 

Add ½ cup Coconut Milk or If you are using coconut powder then add 1 pouch 

Add 1 tsp Coconut Oil 

Add Salt to taste 


Serve chowder in a bowl and rice on a flat plate. 

Add Fried Plantain Chips and cilantro on top of rice for a touch of elegance! 

Recipe and cooking guidelines courtesy of the Chef’s at The Guava Limb Cafe

Check Out Our Special!

Chef Edwin invites you to enjoy our delicious Traditional Sere Combo all weekend long.

Savour the rich ingredients complementing this signature Garifuna dish made with assorted seafood poached in coconut milk, vegetables, ground food, fresh cilantro, oregano, habanero, and cilantro served with rice.

garifuna settlement day special

Whether you choose to celebrate with a traditional Sere or a delicious Sea Food Combo we hope that you enjoy this cultural holiday.

Happy Garifuna Settlement Day!

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