Mac Morpho’s New Home: A Quest to the Chrysalis Palace Chaa Creek’s New Butterfly Enclosure

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  1. The Lodge at Chaa Creek's Conservation Efforts:
  2. Butterfly Farm & Natural History Center: Chaa Creek's Education Center 
  3. Mac Morpho's New Home: Chrysalis Palace 
  4. The Chrysalis Palace: 
  5. Visit us!

The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s Conservation Efforts:

 Taking inspiration from Henry Ford, who said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is a process; working together is a success.” The Lodge at Chaa Creek has a rich history of conservation, dating back to 1977 when the dream of sustainability on the banks of the Macal River was born.

Mick Fleming (far left) heading up River to The Lodge at Chaa Creek with a dugout canoe and a modern boat engine.

The Macal River, then a lifeline and a source of connection from the intimacy of the canopy to the bustling town of San Ignacio, was the perfect setting for this vision. Founders Mick and Lucy Fleming often state, “We didn’t go green; we started that way.” This deep-rooted commitment to conservation is what drives us to continue our efforts, including the establishment of the Butterfly Enclosure. 

Butterfly Farm & Natural History Center: Chaa Creek’s Education Center

 After building 6 cottages from 19977 to 1993, as faith would have it, something transformative would find its way to Chaa Creek.

belize 1995 04 0199 1

1993 marked the beginning of Butterflies as permanent residents of the 400-acre reserve; with the guidance of Charles Wright, Butterfly Farming began and flourished, becoming one of the property’s signature attractions.

belize 1995 04 0226 1

In 1995, the Natural History Center was built, serving as Chaa Creek’s Education base, accommodating local and international students. At the Butterfly Enclosure, students can learn about the life cycle of butterflies, their role in the ecosystem, and the importance of conservation. 

nhc bldg

Much has changed from 1993 to 2024, but one thing has remained consistent: the goal is to raise awareness of the importance of conserving and protecting Belize’s ecosystem. 

Mac Morpho’s New Home: Chrysalis Palace

                   Mac Morpho, Chaa Creek’s adventure guide and the heart of our conservation efforts! Have you had the pleasure of meeting him? He’s a vibrant sight, with his bright red fedora hat, boots, binoculars, sunshades, khaki shorts and shirt, and magnificent blue wings. 

screenshot 2024 06 18 at 15.49.57

He oversees Butterfly’s safety and comfort and has been looking for a home for his fellow friends. Oh, but where? He extended his magnificent wings and took flight, flying over the 400 acres to no avail!

screenshot 2024 06 18 at 16.01.10

He even asked his furred and feathered friends for any options, but they all couldn’t help. Mac Morpho was truly alone, or so he thought! 

Little did Mac Morpho know that the jungle had heard his wishes and the wind had swept them over to Mick, Lucy, and Bryony’s ears. Lo and behold, the Construction of the Chrysalis Palace had begun.

img 2789

Now, Mac Morpho could share the good news with his friends, and with you, dear reader, inviting you to be a part of this exciting new chapter in Chaa Creek’s conservation journey. 

The Chrysalis Palace:

                  True to its name, the Chrysalis Palace is a modern take on Chaa Creek’s conservation efforts that embrace growth and transformation.

This structure houses over 100 butterflies that can be seen in all their stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The design also maximizes sunlight, essential for the butterflies since they enjoy basking in the sun. It also has a misting system to enable hydration for the plants inside the enclosure. 


Every year, Chaa Creek welcomes thousands of School groups, in-house guests, and visitors. Now, they will be able to host weddings inside this beautiful enclosure, offering a truly unique and memorable experience for couples and their guests. 

img 2222

Visit us!

Embark on a unique journey today! Book your visit to Chaa Creek’s new Butterfly Enclosure and experience the wonder of the Chrysalis Palace. The tour is free for guests staying at the house and is a testament to our family-focused vacations, where kids under 17 stay and play for free.

Visitors are also welcome to contact our concierge to check for the rate and availability at +501 634-6288. Visit the website to learn more: 

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