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Belize Cooking Cajun Central America

Me Oh My Oh, Just Like The Bayou – Is Belize’s Cuisine The Cajun Cooking of Latin America?

The Uk’s Telegraph seems to think so... First, full disclosure – we happen to think the Great State of Louisiana ...
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Belize Chocolate Fest 2019

Chocolate And Chaa Creek: Belize’s Delicious Duo

The 12th Annual Belize Chocolate Festival With the 12th annual Belize chocolate festival running from May 24 to 26, 2019, ...
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Belize Can Carry Tune Over The World Music 2019

More Than Just A Pretty Face, Belize Can Carry A Tune – All Around The World

As the highpoint of Music Month In Belize approaches, we want to share some very exciting news that was just ...
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Belize Maya Team Wins Pok-A-Tok Ball Game

An Ancient Maya Ballgame Is Being Revived Across The Mundo Maya – And Belize Rules It!

CONGRATULATIONS BELIZE’S EK’ BALAM! It’s with no small amount of pride and joy that we congratulate Belize’s Ek’ Balam, aka ...
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Belize Family Vacation Travel Chaa Creek

Belize Is A Kids Paradise – And Chaa Creek Is Its Biggest Playground

With summer vacation time approaching, we’ve been getting a fair amount of questions about kids lately – “Is Belize a ...
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happy easter 2019 chaa creek header

Wishing You and Yours A Very Happy Easter from All of Us At Chaa Creek

All of us here at The Lodge at Chaa Creek are wishing you and yours a happy, relaxing, and joyous ...
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Belize family summer vacation package 2019 at chaa creek

An Invitation To A Belize Family Summer Vacation – From Our Family To Yours

A Belize Family Summer Vacation As Belize’s premier family owned and operated eco-resort, all of us at Chaa Creek appreciate ...
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belize triple size protected marine area 2019

Things Just Keep Better For Belize’s Environment, Wildlife, And Future

April 2019 is set to be a big month for the environment as Belize triples the size of protected areas ...
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Belize Travel Tips Guide


Flights to Belize: Airlines Infographic & Schedule (2019 Update)

Flights to Belize: Airlines Infographic & Schedule (2019 Update) If you're a traveler interested in coming to Belize, then surely ...
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Best Time To Visit Belize (2019 Update)

The Best Time To Visit Belize (2019 Update) Depends On What You Are Looking For Mother nature's best kept secret ...
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Belize Culture: Ethnic Groups Explained (2019 Update)

Belize is often called a "melting pot" of cultures, but this may be a bit of a misnomer. Belize culture is ...
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Belize Destinations: 7 Underrated Places To Visit (2019 Update)

7 Underrated Belize Destinations In No Particular Order (2019 Update) There's a small army of activities to participate in when ...
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Belize Animals: 6 Must See Safari Contenders (2019 Update)

Here are 6 Belize Animals You Must See (2019 Update) Belize is famous for wildlife adventures. You can walk through ...
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Things to do in Belize 2016 Travel Guide by Chaa Creek

Things to do in Belize: Top Attractions & Activities (2019 Update)

The Top Things To Do & See In Belize (2019 Update) Belize is frequently called “Mother Nature’s best kept secret”, ...
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Belize: Why You Should Visit At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Why you should experience Belize at least once in your lifetime: We know that you travel for many different reasons; ...
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Is Belize Safe: A Comprehensive Belize Safety Guide

Is Belize Safe: A Comprehensive Belize Safety Guide (2019 Update)

The term Is Belize Safe is searched almost 2,000 times on a monthly basis, proving that travelers to Belize take ...
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