Eco Kids Summer Camp 2018 Day 7: Belizean Wildlife & Final Farewell

Eco Kids Camp Day 7: Belizean Wildlife & Final Farewell

With the sun’s rays gently piercing through the screens of our jungle cabins, the dawn of a new but final day had arrived. Realizing this would be our last time hearing Levi ever so enthusiastically shouting “GOOD MORNING ECO CAMPERS”, we raced towards the camp fire. With conversations still raging from Belize Raptor centers visit the day before, the kids just couldn’t get enough of the birds on display.

eco kids camp 2017 day belize wildlife birds

Bringing along birds that classify as raptors, you can bet that sharp claws, giant wings and menacing eyes instantly got everyone’s attention. Getting the chance to touch and hold wings and Taxidermied birds, excitement quickly filled the air. Another topic of conversation that morning was the epic ECOLYMPICS! Yup, you read that right! Upon our return back to camp yesterday, each time encountered an obstacle course which was a combination of games played throughout the week along with their knowledge from past presentations. Forcing them to work as a team, games such as Maya ball and worm races tested their ability to combine the different skills from each camper.

eco kids summer camp 2018 day 7 obstacle

Finishing up yesterday’s fun filled activities with a final “Last Supper” style dinner, everyone found a seat next to their favorite friends with all the tables lined up in the middle of the hall. Enjoying fellowship and each other’s company for the last time, candle lights set the mood for what would be a lovely dinner together.

However, today, there was a different kind of excitement in the air. No, not the excitement of big birds, horseback riding nor splash parties, it was the excitement of families finally reuniting after a week apart. The entire camp ground was a buzz with kids running here, there and everywhere. Kids collecting bed sheets, kids collecting trash bags, kids sweeping and cleaning, everyone was doing their part with the objective of leaving the camp site better than they found it. Like good Eco campers, the camp was left spotless.

eco kids summer camp 2018 day 7 families

With the first group of parents strolling down the jungle trail into camp, bright smiles immediately started popping up. Followed by tight hugs, laughter and kisses, you could feel the warmth throughout camp. After a quick meet and greet session, it was time for everyone to take their positons. With campers taking center stage and parents rushing to the front, each trying to get the best angle of their child, the show had begun!

With the show being hosted by someone we could only describe as a local celebrity, Miss Deb’s surely got the crowd warmed up as the Mistress of Ceremonies. Pulling out laughter from parents near and far, she always adds some spice to the mix. Following the two previous talent show nights, the best acts and original songs were played out once more during the event. Giving the families a chance to see their new found knowledge of plants and animals, you can bet that the Eco campers owned the stage. This was reinforced by continual rounds of applause being given out by proud parents.

eco kids summer camp 2018 day 7 group shot

After recognizing campers who shined throughout the week, it was time for our final goodbyes. With luggage’s being loaded up, final warm hugs being given out and numbers being exchanged, one couldn’t help but realize what was really happening. Yup, it was really happening, the dreaded end of camp had finally arrived. Slowly, the camp became silent, no more laughter of children echoing or loud conversations happening, it was all just silence. With Reality finally settling in, that was it.

eco kids summer camp 2018 camper

What an incredible a week of camp we’ve had. The days had flown by and I can’t believe we are saying farewell! I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to share a summer with your youngsters. Thank you parents, for trusting us to deliver the best summer we possibly could. It wasn’t an easy task, but it was so definitely worth it and we’d do it all over again in an instant. We trust that they have all developed, learned life skills and had a great time. We also hope to see them back in the future as junior counselors or maybe even Camp Directors in the future. Memories that we’ll cherish forever, that’s what we have left.

eco kids summer camp 2018 day 7 counselors

Thank you to everyone who contributed towards the success of Eco Kids camp 2018, until next time!

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