A Stunning Instagram Guide to Belize’s Cayo District

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Here’s your Instagram Guide to the Cayo District – Western Belize Belize as a whole is photogenic, with astounding beauty in the form of wildlife, culture and attractions. Many can testify to the feeling of being dropped straight into a … Read more

Destination Weddings in Belize: 4 Amazing Vows With A View

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Ahh, the coveted far-off dream destination weddings in Belize. Foremost, it’s a ceremony. Sure. However, it’s also your honeymoon all in one, plus one big vacation with friends and family—flawless for travel-loving couples. If you’ve got warmth, charming venues, and … Read more

Over 20 Stunning Photos Highlighting Belize Conservation

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Search #Belize on Instagram and you’ll find 1.8 million photos, with one common factor: Archeological reserves, national parks, marine reserves, natural monuments, and forest reserves, which all combine to be an astonishing backdrop. It doesn’t matter who said it first, … Read more

10 Amazing & Rare Birds to Scout in Western Belize

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Being just 180 miles from north to south and no more than 70 miles from east to west, Belize really is a bite-sized beauty. After all, nowhere in the country is more than a five hour drive from the international … Read more

Birding in Belize: Chaa Creek’s Cure For The Blues #3

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Birding in Belize As promised, we return this week with another Rx for the blues, boredom, and the indoor-itus many of us have endured these last few months. Cure number three is another one of our favorite activities – and … Read more

Feeling Socially Distant Lately? Try Getting Close To Nature

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Going on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t obey recommendations from the WHO, CDC and other guardians of our health. Here at Chaa Creek, where plenty of space is a given, our “Healthy Belize” vacations have included fresh air, outdoor activities, … Read more

Beautiful Belize Wildlife at Chaa Creek: 5 You Must See

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We’d Like You To Meet Some Local Belize Wildlife Visitors To Chaa Creek In a popular travel destination like Belize, with its low population density and wide-open spaces, the recent lack of visitors has been particularly noticeable. And in the … Read more

Birds of Belize: 20 Cool Species (You Must See)

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Birds of Belize – Meet 20 Cool Species! Birding is described as a hobby in which individuals enjoy the challenge of bird study, identification, listing or any other activity revolving around bird life. Documented as a hobby that rose in … Read more

Pictures of Belize: 13 perfect photo opportunities!


13 Perfect opportunities to get amazing pictures of Belize! Photos are the perfect way to keep that one resounding memory alive, you can look at them when you feel nostalgic, or just glance at them when you’re busy to take … Read more

Belize Destinations: 7 Underrated Places To Visit


7 Underrated Belize Destinations In No Particular Order There’s a small army of activities to participate in when you’re in Belize, some of our other posts can give you detailed guides of the wheres and how-tos of Belize’s most premiere … Read more

Belize – 8 things that just won’t happen here!


People travel to make memories, experience things, grow, or relax. Regardless of where you go things are bound to happen, but here in Belize, we can assure you that these 8 things just won’t!

Belize Destination Weddings – 11 Breathtaking Photos!


We’ve hand picked a few breathtaking photos that will surely entice you to book your destination wedding in Belize! Belize is a small and vibrant country in Central America that offers the perfect elements for a destination wedding. Warm tropical climate year-round, miles … Read more

Belize in September: Carnival Road March 2015!


Belize September festivities are already underway with one of the biggest events, the annual Belize Carnival Road March. Enjoy these vibrant carnival photos!

Pictures of Belize: 16 Wonderful Photos (2016 Update)


Here are 16 Pictures of Belize that will make you wish you were actually here! You’ll return home relaxed and invigorated, with memories and a collection of pictures of Belize that could only be found in Belize, where acres of … Read more