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Why Visiting Belize in September is Special

Why would you want to visit Belize in September? Like many other Caribbean nations, Belize uses any excuse to throw vivacious festivals and parades. However, the ones in September are completely warranted as this is the...

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8 Things You Didn't Know About The Maya

Nestled between the Latin powerhouses of Guatemala and Mexico, Belize is a small, mountainous country that faces east to the Caribbean Sea. But that's just Belize's geography. To understand what it’s like to be on this...

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Belize Is One Of “The World’s Ten Best Ethical Destinations 2021

What if enjoying a Belize vacation was also a way to actively support the environment and help communities inneed? Read on…Once again, Belize has been featured in Ethical Traveller’s “World’s Ten Best...

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Happy Baron Bliss Day Belize

Belize celebrates its biggest benefactor, Baron Bliss DayBaron Bliss Day, now known as National Heroes and Benefactors Day, is a public and bank holiday in Belize celebrated on March 9. This year, the holiday will take...

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The Winter Solstice 2020 - Celebrating the Past, Present and Future With The Maya of Belize

The Winter Solstice 2020 marks a celestial event that has held special significance in Belize for thousands of years. And, as 2020 draws to a close, we think it’s important to once again focus on the themes of continuity...

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Happy Birthday Belize and Chaa Creek!

You’ve Come A Long Way, BabyThose of us of a certain age will remember that advertising jingle, and while seriously out of date, it seems so appropriate to Belize’s birthday that we couldn’t help ourselves.It...

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Our Second Chaa Creek Cure for The Blues – Just Add Water

Canoeing a lazy tropical river before returning back to a tranquil Belize jungle lodge for exquisite pampering has now been thoroughly tested. It works!Last week we began our series of prescriptions formulated to help...

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Latest Updates On Belize and Chaa Creek’s Reopening

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same -Jean-Baptiste Alphonse KarrIt’s Like Déjà vu All Ove Again =Yogi BerraNot to make light of a serious global situation that has seriously affected all of us,...

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Belize’s Maya and Maize - New Discoveries Rekindle Interest in Ancient Belize

And Chaa Creek makes ancient history come aliveA dramatic new discovery in Belize is generating waves of excitement among the world’s top Maya researchers, archaeologists, historians and scientists.Not to mention...

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Belize Remains COVID19 Free - Moves Closer To Normalcy

With High Tech - And Highly Successful - Initiatives, Belize Moves Closer To NormalcyOur regular readers would be well aware of our pride and respect for the partnership that exists between the government, NGOs, travel...

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