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prepare for belize family vacation chaa creek header photo
6 Ways To Enjoy Preparing For A Belize Family Vacation Right Now

Here are 6 Ways To Enjoy Preparing For A Belize Family Vacation Right Now Having to put that family vacation on hold doesn’t mean that you can’

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visit belize in july photo header
7 Great Reasons To Visit Belize in July (2020 Update)

Here’s Why You Must Visit Belize in July First of all, with summer just around the bend, now is truly the best time to start planning your next h

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belize romantic getaway things to do 2020
25 Things You Should Do With Your Partner In Belize (In 2020)

You know your partner better than we do, but let’s be honest, one thing that carries through for all relationships is the fact that they take wor

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winter in belize guide food festivities fun header
Winter in Belize: A Guide to Food, Festivities and Fun

Winter in Belize: Your Guide to Food, Festivities and Fun Winter is coming. Though not exactly in the way you may think. For one, there’s no snow

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Belize Caves Underground Love Affair
Belize Caves: Our Underground Love Affair

Our Underground Love Affair With Belize Caves Belize’s Caves offer deeply moving experiences - from diving sparkling Caribbean waters to canoeing

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spend winter in belize blog header
12 Awesome Reasons To Spend Your Winter in Belize!

Here Are 12 Awesome Reasons To Spend Your Winter in Belize! Some people love winter, some of us think winter downright stinks. It gets cold, in som

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Latest from our Belize Travel Guide:

belize covid19 free moves closer to normalcy featured image
Belize Remains COVID19 Free - Moves Closer To Normalcy

With High Tech - And Highly Successful - Initiatives, Belize Moves Closer To Normalcy Our regular readers would be well aware of our pride and resp

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belize chaa creek dust off welcome mat covid19
Here At Chaa Creek, We’re Dusting Off The Belize Welcome Mat

“Good News” and “COVID-19” are two expressions you wouldn’t think go hand in hand these days. Yet here we are, starting the week of May 1

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happy earth day 2020 Chaa Creek header
Happy Earth Day 2020

A Bird came down the Walk (328) Emily Dickinson - 1830-1886 A Bird came down the Walk— He did not know I saw— He bit an Angleworm in halves And

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conde nast travelers award 2020 vote belize web
Time Is Running Out To Have Your Say With The Condé Nast Traveller Readers’ Choice Awards

Vote for Belize in the 2020 Condé Nast Traveller Readers’ Choice Awards The Conde Nast Readers’ Choice Awards are now open, and with it the op

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color belize art competition chaa creek cover art
Chaa Creek Announces Color Belize Art Competition

Calling All Young Artists From Around The World! Chaa Creek Wants To Hear From You The Lodge at Chaa Creek is calling on young artists from around

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Easter, the Myths and Mysteries of Goddesses, Eggs, Rabbits and Lilies

Easter Myths and Mysteries Easter always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox. As with other Christian

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Belize Recipes: Fruti de Mare, great recipe to try at home!

A surprisingly easy to make Fruti de Mare Belize Recipe - Delight Yourself! Belize has a long coastal zone, add to that the fact that we have the l

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Foodie Friday - A scrumptious Relleno Negro/Chimole recipe!

One of the Mestizo's most famed dishes is the Chimole/Relleno, also known as “black dinna”, this savoury black soup of the Gods is a very popul

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Belize Recipe - Black Fruit Cake

With only thirteen days away from Christmas we are pretty sure that most Belizean kitchens have already started preparing and baking black fruit ca

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belize conch recipes cooking at chaa creek resort
Belize Recipes: A Taste Of Belize's Conch Season!

Conch Meat - An Irresistible Staple in Belize Recipes! Conch season in Belize officially opened last week October 1st and goes throu

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belizean fry jacks recipe at chaa creek resort
#1 Authentic Belizean Fry Jack Recipe!

How to make Belize Fry Jacks - Authentic Belize Food Staple! They say “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and Belizeans take this

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belize recipe fish fillet cassava crusted
Belize Recipe: Make a Cassava Crusted Snapper Fillet!

Fish is quick in cooking, nutritious, and delicious when prepared simply.  Chef Mario adds fresh kale and cassava that is organically grown in

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