Hop Into Natures Colorful Basket: Happy Easter 2022!

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Easter’s here, hop into a new world The naming of Easter had its genesis in the name of a pre-Christian Anglo-Saxon Goddess in England and Germany, Eostre, who was celebrated at the beginning of spring. And, whether you celebrate Easter … Read more

8 Great Reasons To Book A Belize Summer Getaway

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Spring may have just sprung, but it’s never too late to start planning your dream summer getaway. In Belize, the season is teeming with sundrenched beaches, lush rainforests, and a treasure trove of adventure. The latter can easily be found … Read more

Best Things To Do In Belize For Family Vacation

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When it comes to enjoying Belize, there is no age limit. The tropical country is such a versatile destination that it can’t help but attract travelers at all stages of life. This means when your little ones come begging for … Read more

Spring Break In Belize: Beyond the Beaches

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Some of us may still be perfecting our New Year’s Resolution well into January (no judgment here), but it’s never too early to think about Spring Break. March in Belize spells gusty festive-filled winds, carefree attitudes, and anticipation for what … Read more

Love Is In The Air: Where Nature Opens Your Heart

Love Is In The Air: Where Nature Opens Your Heart featured image

A millennia ago, a special young priest defied a law outlawing marriage for young soldiers in Rome. The priest – a romantic at heart – made the risky decision to continue marrying lovers in secret instead. This led to him … Read more

Here’s Why You Should Go Big In Belize In 2022

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Bucket lists were made for dream vacations, seemingly impossible goals, and doubled as a wishlist for if and when you won the lottery. There was no limit to what got a coveted spot on your prized list. But for many, … Read more

Why Belize Is Perfect For Transformational Travel

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As humans, we all inherently yearn for connection. Whether through our hobbies, other people, or by planting ourselves in a completely new destination like Belize. The past couple of years have made trying to connect — with people, places — … Read more

Why Book A Belize Vacation In 2022

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With a kaleidoscope of exotic marine life, invigorating flora and fauna, and the friendliest people, it’s no surprise Belize is on many folks’ bucket list. After the pause in travel last year, an insatiable thirst for the adventures this small … Read more

Conscious Travel inside Belize’s Cayo District

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Only four decades ago when Belize just began dipping her toes into the tourism pond, travelers found themselves drawn to her uncommon contrasts. Saturated with charm, Belize remains just as honest as before with multicultural Central American vivacity amid fusions … Read more

Go Wild: Explore The Best Of Belize Beach & Jungle

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Discover The Best of Both Worlds in Belize – Beach and Jungle It’s been a long 14 months—for everyone. When a global pandemic shuts everything down, a few truths pop up: life is short and there’s still so much of … Read more

3 Steps To A Romantic Belize Vacation

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There’s a lot to love in Belize. Sure, immediate thoughts of your favorite rom-coms likely includes Paris, France or even Santorini, Greece, but don’t let your imagination stop just there. And in a (post) COVID travelscape, romantic jaunts now include … Read more

Reawaken Your 6 Senses Through Travel

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Reawaken your six senses with dazzling moments that are steeped in local life and culture. Whatever the reason for your travel, the key to getting the most from it is to immerse yourself in the experience with all six of … Read more