From Solo to Mystery: Top 3 Alternative Honeymoons to Take in Belize

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There’s nothing like the magic of a honeymoon after the wedding of a lifetime. Intimate one-on-one time, romantic activities, and a stunning destination to make it all possible. But what if you could experience a post-wedding getaway in a new light? With the rise of buddymoons, newlyweds looking for an out-of-the-box experience have added new types of “moons” to the roster. Belize just so happens to cater to each and every type of moon, no matter the desired itinerary. Below we’ve listed the best alternative honeymoons to take in Belize when planning the big trip.


The entire concept of a honeymoon is to spend time with your soulmate after exchanging vows. But what about spending time with yourself? Solo-moons now seem to be a thing, where couples intentionally take separate vacations before their big day. While it may seem contradictory to the idea of a honeymoon, it’s a solo version of a bachelor/bachelorette party. Pre-wedding solo trips not only help with the stress of wedding planning but allows the couple to be their best Zen selves for the wedding.

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Solomoons are also ideal for those who aren’t thrilled by the idea of a traditional bachelor party. It’s important for couples to spend time away from each other, especially if they have been cooped up for months. (After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?) According to couples therapist Alicia Muñoz, “a solomoon is an opportunity to celebrate your connection with yourself, to care for yourself, to nurture yourself, and to shower yourself with love without having to worry about your partner.”


Belize as a solomoon destination ticks all the boxes: its solo traveler-friendly, easy to navigate, and convenient to get to. Eco-resorts like Chaa Creek make it even easier to focus on just yourself and your well-being. A solomoon could include meditative hiking trips along the 400-acre reserve or deep-tissue massages atop a hill overlooking the valley. Not to mention waking up amidst the jungle could do wonders for your mental health. As Alicia told MindBodyGreen, “Solomoons may provide couples with much-needed time apart to reconnect with who they are as individuals and ultimately return to their relationship refreshed.”


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Whether you’re welcoming your first, second, or third bundle of joy, pregnancy could be the furthest thing from a vacation. All the more reason to take one before your newborn arrives! Babymooning could be your one last hurrah before you spend the next few months caring for your little one. While a Belize vacation could ease some pregnancy anxiety, it’s best to consult with your doctor before taking a trip. Luckily, most American flights to Belize average about two hours, making it pregnant-person-friendly. There are also direct flights from major airport hubs like New York City and Los Angeles.

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A babymoon in Belize could revolve around the rest and relaxation you deserve. Imagine: prenatal yoga on the beach during sunset, all the food you could possibly crave, and pregnant-friendly attractions to enjoy. You could spend time beach-bumming on beloved islands like laid-back Caye Caulker or forest bathing at eco-lodges like Chaa Creek. Indulge in some pampering with spa services like facials and body scrubs at our Hilltop Spa.

Indulging in a babymoon doesn’t mean you have to stay put, though. For expectant parents with an adventurous streak, plenty of attractions can offer exciting experiences. And you don’t have to do a lot of walking, either. Take nearby Xunantunich, where you can enjoy the captivating El Castillo without climbing to the top. Craving chocolate? Book a chocolate-making class at San Ignacio and learn where your favorite sweet treat comes from.


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For couples who have spent months organizing a wedding, the last thing they want to do is plan a honeymoon. This is where trusty travel agents come in. Surprise honeymoons a.k.a mysterymoons, are the next big thing in honeymoon travel. Instead of agonizing over where to go and compromising which activities to do, a travel agent takes care of everything.


If you and your better half have differing tastes, not to worry. Belize’s miniature size makes it convenient to experience both adventure and relaxation in a matter of days. Your travel agent can curate a best-of-both-worlds package, like these Chaa Creek ones, to make sure you both are satisfied. Spend the first half of your romance-addled trip snorkeling the Caribbean Sea and making friends with nurse sharks. For the latter half, witness the emergence of a Blue Morpho butterfly right in your treehouse villa at Chaa Creek.

Opting for a mysterymoon over a honeymoon takes away the overwhelming task of planning a trip. It also adds an element of adventure – an ingredient every successful relationship needs.

Need help planning the perfect honeymoon alternative? Check out all available packages here.

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