The Mariposa has Spread her wings: A light new look for an established culinary pioneer

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  2. 2023 & bringing a light new look for an established Culinary Pioneer: 
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The creation of our wildly civilized lifestyle has been in the making for over 40 years. Chaa Creek Cottages, the first jungle lodge in Belize, opened its doors in 1981. Since her humble birth, she has been making remarkable strides to cater for the ever-evolving requirements of a globally recognized ecotourism industry. 

This year, we are excited to announce that The Mariposa Restaurant at Chaa Creek has spread her wings! But before that, let’s take a look back in time. 

The 1980s

The year is 1983, and Mick and Lucy Fleming have connected their growing jungle lodge to civilization by the Macal River waterway just as the Mayas had before them.  Now, a new road has been installed with the help of the British Army Corps of Engineers. They also prioritized adding a dining room to cater to the six existing Cottage Rooms.

Belize Chaa Creek Travel
Chial Road as photographed in the 90s

A dining room with a signature traditional thatch roof, cemented floors, wooden tables, and chairs (similar to now) was constructed. Guests, family, and friends were now able to dine surrounded by lush forest, serenaded by the melodies and songs of both migrant and resident bird species.

Chaa Creek Belize eco resort

Check out the picture below, where a young Mick Fleming is seen chatting away while his son Pierce and daughter Bryony play under his watchful gaze. Oh, how nostalgic! 

Belize eco resort chaa creek

2023 & bringing a light new look for an established Culinary Pioneer: 

While we haven’t moved and changed, we have grown, as our founder, Lucy Fleming, puts it: “The Mariposa has spread her wings.” From hosting under a timeless thatch roof to hosting under high ceilings and golden hanging lights, how things have transformed.

new restaurant addition chaa creek Belize

Now, our wooden chairs and tables are adorned with elegant colours and fantastic table settings, welcoming guests and visitors alike to a unique dining experience with over 40 years of cultivation.

Chaa Creek Belize Travel

Our courteous staff seamlessly guides you to our new lux dining area, where you get to dine overlooking a rolling hill of greenery and expertly placed walkways that simulate an Alice In Wonderland moment. 

Our Journey

Our voyage is one of slow and steady strides; every day, a new horizon with endless possibilities unfolds. We gather our strength to conquer it with the help of our Belizean-powered staff and with Mother Nature’s constant inspiration.

Chaa Creek Belize eco resort
Chaa creek belize property

We invite guests and visitors to relish a dining experience provided exclusively at our property, which is composed of exceptional service, breath-taking atmosphere, and, of course, delectable farm to table meals.

Chaa creek belize Property

Contact us!

If you are planning on visiting Chaa Creek, let us help you plan your 2024 Belize escape. Contact us directly and chat with one of our friendly vacation planners. They’ll answer your questions and help craft a perfect vacation. Where you can relax, stimulate, engage, and invigorate.

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