Butterfly Take Over: Our Butterflies on the Road outreach Program heads to Belize’s Classrooms

Table of Contents

  1. Responsible Tourism in Belize 
  2. Butterflies on the Road Program: A Unique Conservation Education Experience on the Wings of a Butterfly 
  3. Butterflies on the Road: When did it start? 
  4. The 2024 Butterfly Season 
  5. How can you help? Chaa Creek Cares, and so do you! 

Responsible Tourism in Belize

Belize’s tourism Industry had a late start compared to its northern neighbour Mexico, which, by the 1940s, was already making headlines with Acapulco as a leading tourist destination.

This late start allowed Belize to step into the radar with a more refined product cautiously, or rather responsibly. Responsible Tourism has now become Belize’s brand and it is about “making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.” 

Belize Sustainability Tourism

Now, in 2024, Belize is making strides in exceptional tourism practices in the world known for its signature community-first initiatives, cultural immersion experiences, and a heavy hand in preserving and conserving its natural wonders such as the Blue Hole, Barrier Reef, and Protected forested areas.

Hoteliers in Belize are also involved in education and conservation efforts, as with The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s Butterflies on the Road Program.

Butterflies on the Road Program: A Unique Conservation Education Experience on the Wings of a Butterfly

The Lodge at Chaa Creek stands out as one of Belize’s eco-resorts, pioneering a legacy where the community actively participates in conservation. Our unique approach ensures an unforgettable Belize Vacation, where guests enjoy nature’s beauty and contribute to its preservation, directly benefiting the local community.

The property’s Naturalist History Center opened in 1995 and has since welcomed guests and visitors to learn about Belize’s ecology, natural history, and vibrant multicultural society. 

Chaa Creek Natural History Center Belize beginnings

Its knowledgeable team of Naturalist Guides is versed in tours of its Butterfly Farm, home of Blue Morpho, Malachite, and Owl Butterflies.

The Lodge at Chaa Creek Butterfly Farm San Ignacio

They also offer Bird watching, guided canoeing, RTV Safari, Medicinal Trails, and an extensive History of Belize’s Maya population.

Birding Belize Chaa Creek onsite activities

Every year, the team interacts with thousands of international and local visitors, providing them with in-depth knowledge about Belize’s rich biodiversity and cultural heritage. 

Butterflies on the Road: When did it start?

Chaa Creek’s Butterflies on the Road program, a unique initiative that started in 2004, has been part of Chaa Creek’s commitment to conservation and education since 1993 when soil expert Charles Wright introduced the winged creatures to the foothills of the Maya Mountains.

Chaa Creek Belize 1995

This program is not just about showcasing our commitment to Mother Nature but also about conserving with passion and proving our dedication to Belize’s future generation. 

The 2024 Butterfly Season

This year, The Butterflies on the Road team brought the joy of one of nature’s miracles of transformation and wonder to 8 Primary Schools in the surrounding areas.

Chaa Creek Belize Butterflies on the road San Ignacio

A total of 586 Primary School children from ages 5 – 12, many of whom are from the local community, learned about the life cycle of Butterflies, the threats they face, and their importance in the ecosystem.

Chaa Creek Belize Butterflies on the road San Ignacio

Participating schools include Duck Run Primary School, Santa Elena R.C School, Santa Familia Primary School, St. Barnabas Anglican Primary School, Bishop Martin Primary School, Sacred Heart Primary School, and Santa Cruz Primary School. 

Chaa Creek Belize Butterflies on the road San Ignacio

In each school children welcomed this new found knowledge with enthusiasm and curiosity.

How can you help? Chaa Creek Cares, and so do you!

Chaa Creek Cares is The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s charitable arm. This program showcases our commitment to the environment and community projects; 5% of all room revenue is directly allocated to these initiatives.

It also grants guests an opportunity to vacation with a purpose; they can share our commitment to sustainable tourism and responsible travel. 

pack a pound belize Chaa Creek Community efforts

In addition, guests are encouraged to participate in our Pack A Pound program. In this program, they exchange one pound of luggage (or more) for one pound of school supplies, which are then collected and distributed to children from nearby communities. 

Chaa Creek PacK a Pound Belize Community First

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