A recent trip into the Barton Creek Dark Underworld scared and enlightened us at the same time

Barton Creek Belize Cave Tubing

Barton Creek Cave proves the ancient Maya left us much to explore! Sometimes it is hard to believe that these lands were once inhabited by one of the greatest civilizations in history, the Maya. The Mayans built huge cities and impressive structures, some baffling researchers to this day. They developed advanced agricultural practices, were mathematical and astronomical … Read more

7 Astonishing Belize Caves you should Explore!


7 Astonishing Belize Caves you should Explore! Caves tell the history of Belize, having been an intricate part of the Maya religion and culture. The Maya used caves as ceremonial sites and evidence of these activities can be found inside these caves. Relics, principally in the form of shards of pottery, are very common. 1. … Read more