Belize+Culture+Food=Chaa Creek

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Okay, call us name droppers, but we do like seeing Belize in the overseas press. And even better when it’s a mention in the majors. And, as our faithful readers know, we’re foodies with a capital F. Okay – make that Foodies, then…. So when we saw an article in the UK’s The Telegraph headlined … Read more

Spanish Lookout Belize: Happy Anniversary!

Belize Mennonites Spanish Lookout

Time flies when you’re helping to build a nation… Was it only sixty years ago that a Mennonite community left Chihuahua, Mexico and moved to Belize? It was, and Belize is all the better for it.  Have you eaten any chicken, or cheese, eggs, honey, beans, melons or corn in Belize, or drank any milk? … Read more

Belize Culture: Ethnic Groups Explained (2022 Update)


Belize is often called a “melting pot” of cultures, but this may be a bit of a misnomer. Belize culture is far better described as an elegant latticework of different peoples weaving around and between each other. The term melting pot is inaccurate because Belizeans don’t meld into one homogenous people, but stand out proudly, displaying … Read more

Belize Culture Grand Tour: An All Inclusive Vacation Package


Discover the fascinating Cultures of Belize with this All Inclusive Vacation Join an in-depth, hands-on exploration of Belize’s vibrant cultures while enjoying a casually luxurious all-inclusive vacation that moves through inland jungles, picturesque villages, rolling farmland, the airy Mountain Pine Ridge and sandy Caribbean beaches in the learning adventure of a lifetime. “Ideally, travel broadens … Read more

The Garifuna – an Iconic Belizean Culture!


The Garinagu – The Culture Capital of Belize! Belize is considered a “melting pot of cultures”. People of different skin tones, different languages, and people belonging to different ethnic groups live in harmony with one another in this tiny Central American country. Ethnic groups in Belize include the Creole, Mestizo, Maya, Garinagu, Asian, East Indian, … Read more

Belize’s Chaa Creek Hostess of the Month: Matea Cordova


Belize’s Chaa Creek Picks Matea Cordova as Hostess of the Month Meet Matea Cordova, Who became Mata in Belize by the few that couldn’t pronounce her name, and eventually Martha by the Flemings, was born in Baha Vera Paz Guatemala.  She moved to Peten in 1961 at age of 3 and grew up into a beautiful … Read more

Belize Family Adventures on a Budget

Belize Family Adventures on a Budget

Don’t fret about the possibilities of things to do with your family in Belize; the possibilities are endless. This lush historical and tropical country will leave you smiling from ear to ear with the sights, sounds and activities that it offers. If money is a concern, use some of these ideas to get the biggest bang for your buck. Remember, one U.S. dollar equals two Belize dollars, which essentially doubles your money as soon as you step off the plane. Connect with your family while exploring some of these adventures in and around Belize.

This Year’s September 10 Parade a Peaceful Success

Sept 10 Parade

As Guardian reporter Shane D. Williams pointed out, this year’s parade reflected a growing sense of security and peace in Belize City, as with even with more marchers than ever before, there were no untoward incidents reported among the enthusiasm and partying that continued to build as the throng made its way from Memorial Park through a new, longer route through the city this year.