The Garifuna – an Iconic Belizean Culture!


The Garinagu – The Culture Capital of Belize! Belize is considered a “melting pot of cultures”. People of different skin tones, different languages, and people belonging to different ethnic groups live in harmony with one another in this tiny Central American country. Ethnic groups in Belize include the Creole, Mestizo, Maya, Garinagu, Asian, East Indian, … Read more

Aurelio Martinez’s Landini – Garifuna Soul for the World


Those few of you still unfamiliar with Aurelio, and the richly textured music of Belize’s (and Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua’s) Garifuna will find moments of joyous inspiration amid a backdrop of rhythm and soul. Not the gospel inspired, North American soul, but that impulse springing from a deep, universal mix of feelings and aspiration.