Salt Of The Earth – Belize’s Maya Make The News Again

Salt Of The Earth - Belize’s Maya Make The News Again

When something thousands of years old makes today’s news we can’t help but pay attention – especially when it’s the Maya of Belize making headlines. And with Chaa Creek’s limited time shoulder season discounts on accommodation and activities in Belize’s Maya heartland, exploring the ancient world of the Maya makes for an exciting – and … Read more

Mayan Food: 9 Awesome Dishes You Should Try!

Mayan food blog cover

Here Are 9 Awesome Mayan Foods You Should Try! Food is awesome. That is a fact that is not up for debate. Anyone, even the strictest of dieters will tell you that food is great. Mayan food, arguably more awesome and we’ll get into WHY shortly. In the era of globalization, it’s made even better because … Read more

Belize Eco-Kids Summer Camp – Maya Hike Day 3


The campers awoke early, eager for a new day at Chaa Creek’s Belize Eco Kids Summer Camp. At six-thirty everyone was up and about, and by seven we were gathered around the campfire, where all the councilors tried to start a sing-along. Unfortunately, our voices were terrible and we ended up doing about thirty jumping jacks … Read more

Ancient Maya Wisdom Key to Modern Health


Rather than misinterpreting Maya beliefs to falsely predict the end of the world, researching and practicing ancient Maya medicine and natural healing techniques can open a new world of health today, noted author and Maya medicinal plant expert Dr. Rosita Arvigo advised participants at Chaa Creek’s 2012 Maya Winter Solstice celebrations.

Chaa Creek Announces Maya Solstice Contest


Belize’s The Lodge at Chaa Creek has just announced an exciting competition whose winners will usher in the Maya 2012 Winter Solstice by taking part in an extraordinary weeklong celebration to be held in the Heartland of the ancient Maya Empire.