Moving to Belize After US Elections Made Easy

Introduction to moving to or Retiring in Belize

Try Thinking about Retiring or Making a Move to Belize If Things Are Getting You Down… There – Don’t You Feel Better Already? Give us your tired, fed up, hungry for peace and quiet and yearning to be free (from … Read more

Retire to the Simple Life in Cayo, Belize

Mick and Lucy Fleming

Mick Fleming is something of a legend in this part of Belize, a larger-than-life character who, more than 30 years ago, with $600 in his pocket, made his way to Belize City, where he met a guy in a bar who owned a piece of land in the jungle he was interested in selling. Mick bought, thinking he’d try his luck as a farmer. The farming was tough going, but, in time, Mick identified another opportunity. Travelers were beginning to find their way to this remote region. They’d happen upon Mick and ask if he had a place where they could spend the night.