Belize Is One Of “The World’s Ten Best Ethical Destinations 2021

What if enjoying a Belize vacation was also a way to actively support the environment and help communities inneed? Read on… Once again, Belize has been featured in Ethical Traveller’s “World’s Ten Best Ethical Destinations 2021.” While Belize was an“Ethical Destinations” … Read more

How You Can Help Bring Back Sustainable Travel

eco kids summer camp 2019 day 3 mayanist miguel choco

And Support Local Communities At The Same Time Belize’s Chaa Creek earned a worldwide reputation for sustainable tourism over the years, along with a wall full of awards from National Geographic, Green Globe and other travel professionals. And we’ve always … Read more

Belize Saving The Planet – One Vacation At A Time

Belize sustainable travel saving the planet

Sustainable Travel in Belize Saving The Planet One Vacation At A Time Imagine a visiting a travel destination that offers amazing geographical diversity, an incredible range of activities and experiences, stunning beauty, cultural immersion, a choice of accommodation, from basic backpackers … Read more

It’s 2018, And Belize Continues To Grow In Popularity

2018 and Belize continues to grow in popularity

While proving that success can go hand-in-hand with sustainability Maybe it’s not exactly going from zero to hero, but having watched Belize evolve from barely known British Honduras to one of the world’s more trendy travel destinations has been a … Read more

8 Green Ways to Experience Belize in 2022!

8 Green Ways To Experience Belize Ecotourism

Here Are 8 Green Ways To Experience Belize In 2022 Belize, the small hybrid of Central American and Caribbean cultures, hasn’t been on the map as a can’t-miss destination, especially if compared to our more renowned neighbors, Mexico and Guatemala. … Read more

10 Reasons to Travel Sustainably


The holidays are over, you’re stressed out and the winter blues have set in. It’s time to get away. As you start to plan your vacation, do you consider how much good your trip could do for others? Some of the world’s most breathtaking destinations are now being managed sustainably, which means that in addition to benefiting your own mental health, your next trip could also benefit the environment and local communities. Here are 10 reasons to travel sustainably: