Aspiring to be an Eco- Kid

My name is Florentino Chiac. I live in the beautiful Village of Maya Mopan in the Stann Creek District aspiring to be an Eco kid at Chaa Creek. Presently I am in the class of Standard Six. I am 12 year old. My dreams are to be more open minded and interesting to learn about my beautiful country Belize. One teacher from my school told me about this Advertisement on the Amandala Newspaper which grabs my attention. I said I am going to try my luck since my parents cannot afford to send me on other Educational trip where my other class mate went.

I read the advertisement over and over it sound very interesting I said this is awesome; I want to learn about biodiversity of plant and animals in the environment; conserving natural resources and more so to learn more about the ancient Maya history of which I am. I want to learn their culture including their traditional healing medicinal plant. I am also interesting in bird watching knowing all the species. If I cannot afford to go to a high school then I would at least be able to something in my life. It is very interesting to learn more things when you are young it will help others get more involve. Although I am a Maya I want to get first hand information about sites that our ancestor made.
If I am given the opportunity to be apart of this summer camp. I would come back and encourage other young children like my self what is the important of taking care of the environment and what is like to be an Eco-kid. I would educate them about the three R’s. What it means and how we can practice it. I would encourage other youth to participate and become more aware of our environment. I would like to take this time to thank the people at Chaa Creek for making this very interesting especially to me. I look forward for a reply.

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